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It’s Weirdly Quiet

When it’s quiet I think I’m deaf or dead But— How do I tell? So, I say (quiet) Hey— Anybody out there? Sometimes The cat comes (quiet) But all remains— […]

Wait, That’s Not Even a Poem

In my past life When I dropped myself on the bed Overworked, exhausted & sleep-deprived After studying English poetry all night There were snippets of rhymed lines Waging a war […]

Another Instaweek

I’m still on Instagram. And still taking pictures of crap. This week I couldn’t have even been bothered to take pictures of proper crap, so I’d just point my phone […]

Walls Make Neighbours

There’s a wall between me And the gritty city street Just a wall Of concrete or brick or shit One and something feet maybe Separating me From everything not-home Not-nice, […]

So I Got These Ikea Glasses…

Design IKEA Made in CHINA What the f*ck? Well *shrug* Glass is glass You drop it . It breaks . . Into millions Of shards . . . Except, I […]

An Anti-nursery Rhyme

Sleep is when You’re awake, but unaware Or comatose, and oblivious Or dead, not a care Sleep takes  The pains Out of all things Who’d want to be up Not […]

The Motivational Inscription on My Mug

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE What the fuck? That’s a bit too much to ask, Right? Isn’t there an easier task? Like, Die or Lie in bed and Stare at the wall. […]

A Pill a Day

I measure my weeks In the number of pills I take to calm down To continue to exist Not too many Not to get a habit Count them out Don’t […]

Black, Red and None

When you dress black To reflect The dark matter in your head When you dress red To say that You’re not dead yet When you don’t dress At all Because […]

What a Quiet Night Tonight

When it’s so quiet You think You should hear yourself breathing But you hear nothing Have you gone deaf Have you died What’s happening You’re terrified Has it ever happened […]

The Noise in the House in the Night

I’m waiting for my bedtime and not really up to anything. So I penned a poem (so-called). I was just listening. In the middle of the night (but not midnight) […]

Dear Sleeping Pill, You Had One Job

In the night My mind is up and around Alive, awake, awhirl Churning out stuff That happened That didn’t That should have   Heyou, mind, Cut the crap Stop the […]

Finding Everyday Inspiration: Why I Don’t Watch the News

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration. I’m so inspired! I mean, I’m not inspired at all, therefore I asked actually inspired people for inspiration what to write about. This, […]

Finding Everyday Inspiration: I Hate My Body

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration. When I plagued my readers with the inquiry what I should write about, Michael from Morpethroad came up with a topic I never […]

Finding Everyday Inspiration: Czech Turkish Coffee Recipe

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration. I’m still finding everyday inspiration. Or rather, looking for it and not finding it. Here’s where my readers’ suggestions come in (cheers to […]

Finding Everyday Inspiration: Consistency is a Hobgoblin

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration. Continuing to take clues from my readers, here’s a suggestion by David Bennett (hello and thanks!). The suggestion isn’t a suggestion (wait, read on). […]

Finding Everyday Inspiration: Humans Have It the Worst

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration. In case you didn’t know, I’m a serious overachiever. I usually apply myself to overachieve in areas where overachieving is worthless. In keeping […]

Finding Everyday Inspiration: So, You Think Your President Is the Worst?

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration. Yes, I’ve noticed I’ve completed the challenge already! But I can’t see how it should stop me from getting challenged even more? One […]