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Writing 201: Future

The future starts in the past The past ends in the future Your first rites turn into your last The moment you cease to nurture   Cherish yourself as the […]

Writing 201: Landscape

This is a poem found entirely in Robert Crawford’s monograph On Glasgow and Edinburgh (2013).   On Glasgow and Edinburgh by Robert Crawford My rating: 4 of 5 stars Carefully researched and attractively […]

Writing 201: Drawer

Behold Oh, drawer, what treasures you hold Buried in sand, dirt or clay To be scooped out every day I can smell the scent Of a present Left by my […]

Writing 201: Fingers

Thick, short, cold fingers digging in the thin, soft, warm skin. Digging, ripping, tearing like claws, knives, forks. The flesh splitting, yielding, giving in – unfeeling, uncaring, dead meat. This […]

Writing 201: Hero(ine)

A hero began As everyman   Everyman grew up Everyman broke up Everyman sobered up   Becoming bitter and brave Daring to kill the ill The ill that never will […]

Writing 201: Poetry Potluck

I am ill. I have taken a pill to kill The thin Papery feeling. –Sylvia Plath, “Cut” If I am asked to share one poem, which happens to be the […]

Writing 201: Fog

Lying low in the fields Is morning mist   The thick and sticky mist Smothers and conceals   Rotten apples, dead hares Lives lost to the mist

Writing 201: Animal

Schrödinger’s cat: Is she live or dead? Is she a he? Think out of the box.

Writing 201: Trust

A belated confession Distrust emerged Fully   Already bugging Constantly Dead end Full   Stop

Writing 201: Journey

There was a doctor in Patagonia Who pursued a treatment of pneumonia She sipped soda and Scotch Which cleared her lungs top-notch And got her a new liver from Armenia

Writing 201: Water

The sky breaks water Like a wife empties the sink Her man the bottle