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Writing 101: Farewell

In response to Writing 101, Day 10: Farewell. By and far Farewell Far and large Goodbye then Advertisements

Writing 101: Camouflage

In response to Writing 101, Day 9: Camouflage. No cover can camouflage Vacant lots for eyes Murky subterrain for mind   Lost and abandoned In a kafkaesque labyrinth Haunted by white […]

Writing 101: Graffiti

In response to Writing 101, Day 8: Graffiti. The space of seedy streets Teems with graffitied screams Of obscene desires and dreams

Writing 101: Beloved

In response to Writing 101, Day 7: Beloved. Who loves me Unconditionally Whom I love No questions asked   Curled up Next to me I know her to be My […]

Writing 101: Fallacy

In response to Writing 101, Day 6: Fallacy. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog While lorem ipsum lands with a crash on the moon And plants the […]

An Ode to a Drunk Man

I’m enjoying taking part in the Writing 101: Poetry challenge, and I came to miss my daily prompt today, since there are apparently no classes at the weekend. I also […]

Writing 101: Freedom

In response to Writing 101, Day 5: Freedom. Free from fear It stands solid Free from thoughts It holds its stand The rock remains Free From all

Writing 101: Seconds

In response to Writing 101, Day 4: Seconds. Four seconds to impact Free fall from top floor A change of heart Now Too bad Too late Impact

Writing 101: Sleep

In response to Writing 101, Day 3: Sleep. Sleep Comes lightly To the kitty Curled up On the doormat   Staring quietly At the lady Of the house Blinking slowly […]

Writing 101: Reflections

In response to Writing 101, Day 2: Reflections. When mortals reflect On how to deflect Gods or fate— Lights dance In the clouds And laugh In cosmic irony

Writing 101: Magic

  In response to Writing 101, Day 1: Magic. A nervous tic A worn trick That doesn’t work Magic

Because It’s Ultimately All about Me

The last Writing 101 prompt is all about describing my most-prized possession. In other words, it’s all about me! I am my own most valuable possession, very obviously, because unlike […]

A Free-Writing Rant against Free-Writing Rants

Writing 101 staff is running out of ideas. For the last but one day of the challenge, we are left to our own resources and asked to free-write. Again. More […]

News about Mrs Nobright from Nowhere

As Writing 101 draws to its close, the staff is getting sentimental. They want us to describe the melodrama of a landlord evicting an old widow as seen by a […]

On Penis Envy and Fear of Murder

Writing 101 staff is getting Freudian. They want us to psychoanalyse ourselves by writing out our greatest fear. As Dr Freud enlightened me, my greatest fear already materialised itself when […]

Doomed to Be an English-Writing Scribbler

Writing 101 tries to stimulate my story-telling skills by prompting me to imagine that I browse through other people’s personal belongings and uncover an interesting story. That won’t do. I’m […]

My Pre- and Post-Eastern Bloc Childhood

Writing 101 wants us to imagine what would happen if a life-changing event of ours was taken over by an evil force. Coming from a colourful country as I do, I […]

An Open Letter to My Back

Writing 101 comes up with the challenge to pick a book, leaf to page twenty-nine and see what jumps out at you there. I did so and was hit with the […]