It is, I think, an indisputable fact that Americans are, as Americans, the most self-conscious people in the world, and the most addicted to the belief that the other nations of the earth are in a conspiracy to undervalue them. --Henry James


Nature fits all her children with something to do, / He who would write and can't write, can surely review --James Russell Lowell


There will presently be no room in the world for things; it will be filled up with the advertisements of things. --William Dean Howells


Initiative comes to thems [sic] that wait. --Anthony Burgess


A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image. ―Joan Didion


Whenever a man's friends begin to compliment him about looking young, he may be sure that they think he is growing old. --Washington Irving