Stuff I Shot in the Park

My first awkward attempts at shooting in other mode than auto.


Autumn Archives

I’m obsessively taking photos, on which I toss them in the archives and forget about them. So, I’m thinking, what the fuck, let’s post some of that old stuff on the blog. Extremely topical (not), here goes last year’s autumn.

Green Gallery

Remember that before the coming of this shitty slush, all was lush green? You don’t? Me neither. But I have pictures to prove it.

Small Weir, Big Noise

The post title isn’t some weird figurative saying. It’s literal. I went to the local weir and was surprised by how much noise such a small water work makes. It was deafening enough, though not enough to cancel the noise of my thoughts. I made an impromptu short footage of the terrifying water sounds.

The weir was disappointingly picturesque, so I was unable to shoot a dumporama. Instead, I took a traditional panorama. It is not only boring but also crappy, as you can see below. Let’s blame it on the lack of light and the lack of concentration of the photographer caused by the noise around.

Weir at twilight

Super Colourful Autumnscapes

I went to the nature. I was half-awed and half-terrified. Because ticks, midges, bugs, myxomatosis and rabbits, rabies and foxes, wolves, boars and whatnot. Now I’m going to get undressed and spend a nice evening—checking for ticks.

What I Hated the Least Today 257/365: Instagram

I use Instagram in waves. Like a tsunami, more exactly. I barge in out of nowhere, leave a mess and then disappear like I had nothing to do with it. I post pictures in big batches always when I’m travelling somewhere. Sitting on public transport is boring. I scroll through the feed always when I’m on the phone with my parents. Shoot me, but my parents bore me too. They have a stream-of-consciousness approach to conversation which doesn’t particularly grab my attention. Also, it is not uncommon for them to rant for an hour—a social call with my father today, 53.16 mins. So, out of nowhere, here comes nothing. I mean, a few of my recent Instagram snaps. (Note how they are not square but iconoclastically round.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.