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Autumn Archives

I’m obsessively taking photos, on which I toss them in the archives and forget about them. So, I’m thinking, what the fuck, let’s post some of that old stuff on […]

Green Gallery

Remember that before the coming of this shitty slush, all was lush green? You don’t? Me neither. But I have pictures to prove it.

Small Weir, Big Noise

The post title isn’t some weird figurative saying. It’s literal. I went to the local weir and was surprised by how much noise such a small water work makes. It […]

Super Colourful Autumnscapes

I went to the nature. I was half-awed and half-terrified. Because ticks, midges, bugs, myxomatosis and rabbits, rabies and foxes, wolves, boars and whatnot. Now I’m going to get undressed […]

What I Hated the Least Today 257/365: Instagram

I use Instagram in waves. Like a tsunami, more exactly. I barge in out of nowhere, leave a mess and then disappear like I had nothing to do with it. […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

This photo represents the ephemerality of shadow in particular and life in general – notice the shadow of myself with a duck nested in my belly. In response to WordPress […]

Cute Kitty

A throwback photo to the times when my kitty Ella was actually a kitty.

Sleepy Kitty

Sleepy kitty, happy kitty, pur, purr, purrr…

Cat on the Roof

This is literally a cat on a hot tin roof.

Tree Climber

Ella enjoys climbing but doesn’t enjoy winter very much.