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Box It; or, Organising with the Mara Method

Recently I read an interesting post on My Messy World about organising with the Konmari Method. When I saw that Karla used Curver boxes to store her things, I felt compelled to come out to her as an organising freak, Curver ware fan and general box lover. (I love boxes even more than my cat

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Spread Beauty Challenge

I was invited for a mission to Mars – more precisely, I was challenged by the blogger behind The Mission to Mars to join in the Spread Beauty Challenge. Here is how it works. Rules Write ten six-word sentences containing the word beauty. Share your favourite quote on beauty. Nominate other bloggers to do the same. Sentences Beauty is

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A Childless Divorcee in Ikea: Am I Even Allowed?

To say that I decided to furnish my new home with Ikea products sounds too much like a voluntary choice. In fact, I was reduced to condescend to Ikea, the quality of whose produce I always deeply doubted, to meet my need for light and flexible furniture, easy to assemble and easy to move. After

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