Photo 101 Rehab: The Conjuring

I couldn't miss this week's Photo Rehab Cover Makeover. Anything that is dark and morbid has my name on it. So does Desley's challenge of remaking the cover of the horror movie The Conjuring. Here's my gloomy and bloody remake.

Eye Spy and the Happiness Project

Ages ago in summer (not the Australian summer, the European summer), I promised the girls (and guy) from the Photo 101 Rehab that I would join their then new Cover Makeover challenge as soon as I have time. I never had the time, so I decided that the time was now. Disappointingly, I missed the … Continue reading Eye Spy and the Happiness Project

Photo 101 Rehab: Street Life

It's been a long and hard withdrawal time since my last visit to Lucile's Photo 101 Rehab. Now I'm back with vengeance and with a street life photo. As always, the photo was shot with Nikon D80 and post-processed in Corel PaintShop with the following major edits: correcting the perspective enhancing sharpness, clarity and contrast … Continue reading Photo 101 Rehab: Street Life

Photo 101 Rehab: Street Life

In railway halls, on pavements near the traffic, They beg, their eyes made big by empty staring And only measuring Time, like the blank clock. --Stephen Spender I'm joining another session of Lucile's Photo 101 Rehab. While I was slightly frustrated that I didn't have any portraits to post, which is what our lovely hostess … Continue reading Photo 101 Rehab: Street Life

Photo 101 Rehab: Portrait

Lucile's Photo 101 Rehab has been focusing on monochrome portraits recently. I don't do portraits for lack of subjects to shoot, so here is the closest that I came to a portrait. It is a local homeless person, with her backpack in the background on the ground and her breakfast of beer and cigarettes lying … Continue reading Photo 101 Rehab: Portrait

Photo 101 Rehab: Baroque

My today's contribution to lovely Lucile's Photo 101 Rehab session is a shot of a plague column, a structure often found at the main square of cities in these parts. It was supposed to protect the inhabitants from pestilence, though how exactly remains uncertain. As always, the photo was taken by my child-toy Nikon D80 and … Continue reading Photo 101 Rehab: Baroque