What I Hated the Least Today 102/365: The Americans

Spoiler alert: the following contains minor spoilers and alarming personal opinions. The Americans (2013—15, aired on FX channel) is a TV show that I’m currently most fascinated with. I knew it’d be a match for me the moment I discovered the series and read its description. Set in the early eighties, it works with the … Continue reading What I Hated the Least Today 102/365: The Americans

A New Me, a New Blog Theme

I'm a promiscuous person. At least as far as blog themes are concerned. After some three months with Sela, I exchanged the poor babe for the brand new Nucleare. With changes in my personal life (for the better) and the change of the season to spring(ish), I deliberately went for a brighter, bolder look for … Continue reading A New Me, a New Blog Theme

On My Adopted Grandmother, Who Is a Hamster

My marriage replenished the staggering low number of my family members. Besides winning the smart and brave younger sister(-in-law) that I always wanted, I also got a silly younger brother(-in-law) and two complete sets of grandparents(-in-law) to replace those that I had lost to old age and death. I didn’t anticipate that I’d end up … Continue reading On My Adopted Grandmother, Who Is a Hamster

All the Women in My Family, and Me

The women in my family had it tough. As did and do most other women elsewhere. My female relatives led meagre lives during which they helped few and pleased none, least of all themselves. Generous people seek in their lives to be helpful, crooked people seek to be happy and ambitious people seek to leave … Continue reading All the Women in My Family, and Me

English According to Mara

English may not be my mother tongue, but it doesn’t prevent me from having ideas about it. These ideas amount to a sizeable set of recommendations, nay, prescriptions about spelling and grammar and usage and style. My concept of proper English grew so refined over the years that it should be promoted to a variant … Continue reading English According to Mara

Artless Art

There has been much fuss about the British artist Damien Hirst, infamous for putting cattle in formaldehyde and calling it artwork. But Hirst's iconoclasm is nothing compared to the Czech pseudoartist David Černý, who specialises in offending as many people as possible. In this respect, he's highly successful; he makes me feel shame for being … Continue reading Artless Art