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Remember how I’m either too scared or too nonplussed to leave the flat? Well. I went out. I swear. The venture didn’t even require Lexaurin. Though I was tempted. I strayed too far from my home and found nature. It’s alright but I’m no way experiencing anything transcendental and becoming a transparent eyeball.  Right NOW

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Photo Gallery: Colourful Landscapes

My preferred mobile photo editing app, Snapseed, got a makeover. I hate it because they shuffled the buttons and now I can’t find a thing. I love it because they added filters. Filters! *happy dance* Scratch that. I’m neither happy nor do I dance. Ever. Here are some happy colourful filtered photos instead.

Developing Your Eye II: Qualified Triumph

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye II. The last prompt of this quick photo workshop is triumph. I don’t believe in triumph (how can you triumph when you’re going to die?), so to reflect this limitation in the photo, I shot it through the bars. No, I’m currently not in prison (or the madhouse again),

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