Tag: lomography

#204 Wide and Fat

That fat dark patch in the middle is my shadow. Its very largeness is none of my fault, it’s the lomo effect. (Does that sound convincing?) Advertisements

#199 Now What

It was silly to climb up here. My husband had to step in and carry me down.

#191 Iron Hug

Don’t iron and moss go well together?

#169 Rocks

Rock gardens fascinate me. Maybe I could even be able to keep one without killing it?


I’m terribly curious what’s behind the gate. But I won’t know. In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Outside.

#145 Outside

This morning I looked out of the window again – and lo, the view is still the same.


I’m having a love affair with the birch. (See previous post.) In response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand.