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Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific. The prompt prolific can be interpreted as pro-life. It’s in there: pro-lific and pro-life. Looks like these two might have something in common, right? I’m not speaking […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening. Hardened in heart anew, But glad to have sat under Thunder and rain with you, And grateful too For sunlight on the […]

That’s a Lot of Leaves

I think I like leaves. I’m not sure but I probably do since I take so many pictures of them. What do you think?

Photo Gallery: Pop Nature

Because my existence is so bleak, I’m attempting to balance it out with colourfully filtered photos. Filtered beyond recognition. I’m turning nature into a pop icon—with the pops of colours […]

Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

The grand reveal of the guessing game prompted by Justine in her Eclectic Corner is here. As Justine herself correctly guessed, though on the umpteenth try, my picture on the […]

Photo 101 Rehab: Rain Drops

Lucile, a life saving friend and blogger, is reopening her Photo 101 Rehab! Here is my contribution on the topic of rain drops. What you see is a bad photo […]

Eclectic Corner: Guess What!

Can you guess what is in the picture? Justine of Eclectic Odds ‘n’ Sods hosts a challenge asking us to come up with a photo on the subject of protection. You can […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

A reminder of summer in response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Yellow.

Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

Two weeks ago, prompted by the lovely Justine and her Eclectic Corner challenge, I presented an ambiguous photo and asked you to guess what it is. Papict tuned in first […]

Eclecting Corner: Guess What!

Can you guess what you see? If so, let me know in a comment! Then hurry over to the Electric Corner, a new challenge hosted by the lovely Justine. You […]