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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

This (un)comely cow, suspended by its neck and tail at the roof of a booth, advertises fresh milk sold in the booth below. In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh. […]

Photo 101: Double

Today’s keyword in the Photo 101 challenge, double, made me chuckle like Chucky Doll. It was a private joke of a person whose diploma thesis dealt with the literary motif of […]

Photo 101: A Pop of Colour

So far, autumn has been pretty colourless here. Which may or may not be related to the fact that we’re having permanent fog. Since I’m a devoted photo 101 student, […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

That’s the descent of fog over a field, in case you wonder. In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent.

#335 Implements

This is not as much about the archaic garden implements as about the cat surreptitiously hiding behind them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

I took a shortcut and walked through a corn field. As I was going between the lines of corn, I couldn’t help thinking of all the American horror films set in […]

#265 Hat and Hook

The typical gear of a local villager. Notice the iron hook. We’re really tough guys here!

#055 Country

Granddad smirked at me mischievously. Come here, I’ll show you something. He popped open the car trunk. There was a roebuck shot dead. With his guts open and disembowelled. I […]

#044 Cattle

Transcribed from a documentary aired on local TV, in that an urbanite reporter interviews a village settler. Reporter: Would you allow a kitten in the bed? Settler: No. Reporter: Why not? […]

#005 Wheat Field

The summer view from my back garden.