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Eclectic Corner: Momentarily

A moment frozen in time in response to lovely Justine’s Eclectic Corner challenge on the topic Momentarily. Advertisements

Tea Time with Coke

I’m infamous as the person who brings rubbish to Justine’s Tea Party, so to keep my reputation up, here I go again.

Tea Time with Champagne

For Justine’s Tea Party, I’m bringing champagne for all!

Tea Time with Tetra Pak

This might be my last contribution to Justine’s Tea Party. I suspect that when the lovely hostess sees my Tetra Pak take on the prompt, I will be kicked out of her party. […]

Eclectic Corner: Splash of Colour

I’m contributing with a splash colour to lovely Justine’s Eclectic Corner – I hope my splash qualifies, as post-editing saturation-wise was prohibited and so I was deprived of my favourite tool!

Tea Time After After-Party

I’m late to Justine’s Tea Party. This is how I envision the after after-party looks like. All the booze had been drunk and bottles taken out to the recycle bin.

Eclectic Corner: Street Life

Street life to me means window shopping and taking silly reflection selfies. You can find out what it means to others in other responses to Justine’s Eclectic Corner challenge on […]

Tea Time with Extra Coffee

For Justine’s Tea Party and Lucile’s blogiversary (congratulations!), I’m bringing vending machine coffee. Trust me, it will come in handy. And sorry, nothing fancier was available at such a short notice.

Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

The grand reveal of the guessing game prompted by Justine in her Eclectic Corner is here. As Justine herself correctly guessed, though on the umpteenth try, my picture on the […]

Eclectic Corner: Guess What!

Can you guess what is in the picture? Justine of Eclectic Odds ‘n’ Sods hosts a challenge asking us to come up with a photo on the subject of protection. You can […]

Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

Two weeks ago, prompted by the lovely Justine and her Eclectic Corner challenge, I presented an ambiguous photo and asked you to guess what it is. Papict tuned in first […]

Eclecting Corner: Guess What!

Can you guess what you see? If so, let me know in a comment! Then hurry over to the Electric Corner, a new challenge hosted by the lovely Justine. You […]