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An Instagram Week

So, I’m still on Instagram and still doing this 365 challenge—though I’m vehemently denying both that I’m doing it and that it’s an all-year-round challenge—when I’m taking and posting a […]

A Week in Instant Pictures

You know how I always say that I’ve been up to nothing? Well, this week I’ve been up to so much shit! Still, I somehow miraculously contrived to make it […]

What I Hated the Least Today 265/365: My Mother Tongue

Her mother-tongue clung to her mouth’s roof in terror, dumbing her and he came with a name that was none of her making. —Liz Lochhead, “Dreaming Frankenstein” Yesterday I wrote […]

Mural May: Big Mouth

In response to Karla’s Mural May challenge. Big mouth, lots of teeth, one eye—whatever it’s meant to represent.

What I Hated the Least Today 97/365: Test of Sirens

The first Wednesday of each month at noon sharp, all the cities in my country flaunt their combat readiness by running a civil defence siren test. I consider it a […]

What I Hated the Least Today 89/365: College People

Continuing in my leg post streak, here’s a photo of a curious arrangement I found in a shopping window. I’m not sure if the choice of bodily parts plus the […]

My Corkscrew Got Screwed Up; or, The Worst Christmas Ever

A day before Christmas, something terrible had happened. My corkscrew got screwed – in a bad way – it broke into two pieces as I was diligently applying it to […]

Weird Czech Seasonal Traditions; or, Carp in the Bathtub

Unless you’re Czech, you’ll be surprised to find that we Czechs have one of the weirdest sets of Christmas traditions ever. They range from tampering with dangerous chemicals (lead pouring), […]

Just Thursday Blog Hop: The (Not So) Mundane Postbox

For this week’s Just Thursday blog hop hosted by Nuvofelt, I’m celebrating the mundane with a (not so) mundane postbox, which someone was apparently trying to use to send a rose.

Just Thursday Blog Hop: The Mundane Metro

This week it is up to me to host the Just Thursday blog hop, in which I take turns with Nuvofelt and Rebekah. For the theme of the challenge, minding the mundane, […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

This (un)comely cow, suspended by its neck and tail at the roof of a booth, advertises fresh milk sold in the booth below. In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh.

Men and Cats, Cats and Men

This is the crazy cat lady’s heaven.

Pripyat Ghost Town

Below is a selection of before and after photos from the abandoned town of Pripyat, Ukraine, heavily affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster.

Powerful Photos

Motherhood (Domestic Bliss by Susan Copich) Military (The Veteran Art Project by Devin Mitchell)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

If I were asked by some misguided soul to produce cover art for a work of art, I’d go with the above photo of Olomouc for the song below set in […]