Six-Word-Story: Amen

Amen and then there was — nothing.

Literary Lion: Drink Me

In response to Laura Feasey's Literary Lion challenge: Drink Me. Long time nae see. He stroked the bottle. Ye cannae face life when yer dry. Sammy took a gulp. Ah’ll miss ye when I’m deid.

Boy and Dog [Flash Fiction]

He would take Ben for a walk. He loved Ben. He always wanted a dog. But father didn’t let him. No animals in the house, he said. He didn’t love father so much. Mother was way better. She allowed him Ben. As long as it’s just THIS, father said. But he was angry. Now he … Continue reading Boy and Dog [Flash Fiction]

Of Cars and Men [Poem]

Pedestrians are people with destinations In their minds And baggage in their hands Too heavy to carry around   But cars— Put your weight away in the trunk And let you guide As though you're in control

Literary Lion: Pool

In response to Laura Feasey's Literary Lion challenge: Pool. The old man didn’t like doing that. But someone had to. It had been raining and the old corroded tub in the backyard was half-filled with dirty water. That would do. It was about time too. They were already starting to crawl, squealing like rats as … Continue reading Literary Lion: Pool


Trams come and go Stopping on the go Crawling tediously Counting meters As they go