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Repenting Caturday

I was reproached (in the kindest manner) for posting heavy stuff on a Saturday morning. I shall repent and rectify. Here’s a cat. Advertisements

Cat Shower

The cat is waiting for me to finish my shower, so she could jump right in and drink the soapy water, clearly not knowing any better.

Caturday Sounds

In the night, I listen to the sounds that the cat makes. It’s sort of soothing. Here are the sounds: Floor creaking: the creaky old floor creaks even when my […]

Sad Caturday

My cat is sad because I can’t sleep, which is keeping her awake too.  

Guilty Caturday

The cat ruined my cushion and fell asleep at the crime scene. She doesn’t get the concept of guilt.

Alien Caturday

This is my friend’s cat. I edited her eyes awkwardly to make them more yellow, so now she looks like an alien with smudged irises.

It’s Caturday and Something’s Up

Something is up. Or, more likely, nothing is up and my cat is just watching the air, as per usual.

ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Caturday

I want a ragdoll (among other things), but I don’t think my plain tabby would approve.

Caturday Cat

For the cat, each day is a Caturday.

Caturday Yoga

My cat is a huge fan of yoga. Particularly the yoga mat.

Caturday Who?

This isn’t even my cat. It’s a resident cat cafe cat. The cafe offers coffee-to-go but not cat-to-go, sadly.

What I Hated the Least Today 254/365: How I Met My Cat

It’s been a while since I last reminded you of the fact that cats are the best. And since it’s Caturday, here’s the history of how I met my cat. It’s […]


My cat likes to roll on the floor, laughing. Or not laughing.


I saw this huge black cat drowsing off on the window sill of a shop. He looked perfectly unconcerned when I started to take his pictures.


I think I’ll just resume sleeping. *yawn*


Ella is doing what she does best. You guessed it: sleep.


The cat ventured on the terrace and hated it so much that she hid under a chair.