#008 Feline Mimicry

Find a cat in the picture.

#007 Day Seven

I declare that it works. Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days. This is how it looks after seven days on my nails.

#006 Daisy Flower

I found a daisy in the garden. I love it that it colour-coordinates with my ancient garden sneakers (formerly white).

#005 Wheat Field

The summer view from my back garden.

#004 Genius Mouse

My mouse is a Genius. So am I. Just joking.

#003 Heart of Apricots

Instead of raking the fallen apricots into a heap, I arranged them into a heart.

#002 User Guide

Am I the only person who seriously studies user guides and then stores them in a dry and cool place for future reference? Footnote: My approach to my new smartphone […]

#001 Coffee in Red

Long coffee. Long shadow.