#025 Apple Tree Sunset

The sun setting behind an apple tree in the garden.

#024 Balcony Coffee

Having my coffee at the balcony. The coffee tastes better than it looks, by the way.

#023 Bedrich Smetana

The composer’s star in Vienna underground. Gets trodden on each day, poor man.

#022 Catslayer

Today my three-year-old male relative picked a sharp piece of wood and threatened to stab my cat. I protected the cat with the modest bulk of my body. Now I’m […]

#021 Fountain

Visiting the fountain of youth. (Hopefully.)

#020 Neighbour’s Garden

Why is your neighbour’s garden always nicer than your own? (In my case possibly because I can’t be bothered with the garden.)

#019 Shoe Rack

I wonder what my favourite colour is. Could it be brown?

#018 Lavender

There’s lavender growing in the garden. It reminds me of clothes moths. And times long past.

#017 Coffee Grinder

I get it that I should put coffee grains in the grinder. But what is the symbol for what I should not put in? Dice??

#016 Squirrel

A tame squirrel in a park being fed by a stranger.

#015 Magic Concealer

Sometimes I want to apply the Magic Concealer all over my face to magically conceal it.

#014 Grapes of Wrath

Sour grapes they are that grow in my garden. (As yet.)

#013 Hashtag

I found a hashtag in the street. My old brown flats were so pleased that they stood at its head.

#012 Psychedelic Experience

Turn on, tune in, drop out. I wish you could see the psychedelic light effects when I set the lamp swinging.

#011 Street Sweeper

I met a man. He was a street sweeper. He didn’t sweep much. But when he went past a parking tickets machine, he routinely checked the change slot in case […]

#010 Mint

Mint growing in the garden against the background of a white-washed greenhouse.

#009 Wine & Essay

Some students’ essays simply can’t be approached without a draught of vintage.

#008 Feline Mimicry

Find a cat in the picture.