Click away. Fear nothing. You can’t break it. I hope.

This page will steer you to your favourite content on the blog. You can get around by choosing from a list of categories, clicking the various tags in the tag cloud or browsing the monthly archives. You can also view only specific posts types by clicking the icons at each post representing an image, video, gallery and so on.

If you are not feeling choosy and want to view all recent posts by date, simply keep on scrolling down on the BLOG page. If you are looking for something specific, try the search bar. Access to these features is from either the sidebar or the footer area. Continue reading to learn more about the blog categories.

Blogging Challenges

This is where I group the various occasional posts prepared specifically in response to WordPress Daily and Weekly Prompts and other blogging challenges. My responses typically consist of a photo, quote or another format for a quick consumption. Publishing irregularly.

Caturday Cuteness

This is my favourite category and my excuse for posting photos of my cat regularly. Her name is Ella, short for Elise, and she’s a three-year-old tabby. Sometimes I’m shockingly unfaithful to her and post another cat for a change. Publishing biweekly, each even Saturday.

Friday Favourites

This is where you’ll find curated content from all over the internet. When I come across something cute, smart or funny, I post it here. There are songs, videos, photos and whatnot; all hoping to catch your interest as it caught mine. This category was discontinued in March 2015.

Monday Muses

This category contains my “haikus”. I call them this because “short poems in random form on random topics” is too complicated. They are usually quick reads and meant to show interesting perspectives rather than to be artistically ambitious. Publishing weekly, on Mondays.

Photo Project 365

This is my oldest category and the reason I started blogging. For 365 days I shared one photo I took and a short comment on it. The photos ranged from silly (shoes, coffee) to pretty (flowers, landscapes) and to grungy (decay, rust). The project was completed in July 2014.

Sunday Stories

This is my writerly category where I post personal stories. It contains mostly actual incidents from my down-to-earth life, described with a bit of artistic licence and a generous dose of irony and black humour. Publishing biweekly, each odd Sunday.

Wednesday Visuals

This is the hub for my best photos, deliberately chosen to represent one theme, place or style in each gallery. When I finished Project 365, I didn’t want to stop posting photos, so I introduced this feature as a substitute. Publishing biweekly, each even Wednesday.

Wednesday Wit

This is a place for quotations. These are either taken from novels I read or they are quotes by writers. The quotes are often picked to be amusing rather than enlightening, yet sometimes they end up to be both. This category was discontinued in August 2014.


15 thoughts on “Navigate”

        1. Good! I’m glad to inspire, it’s very flattering 😉 I have the best experience with scheduled posting, but you shouldn’t impose any limits on your creativity if it’s not the right thing for you!


      1. I’ve tried to incorporate it into my new homepage. I need to work on the graphics and style still. Real work keeps getting in the way!


        1. Looks good enough to me! I have already mentioned how much I love your new green design 🙂 But of course, it’s probably normal that it takes one much time and many attempts to set up things so to be happy with them!


  1. You can only be a tough cookie of a teacher…you are exceeding in organizational skills and I feel sorry for your lousy students…;-)
    This navigation is perfect and the logic of the editorial calendar…now you make me envious…well done! Fantastic. I am a gemini…and cannot ever reach this level of clarity! hahaha


    1. Well, that’s nice of you that you’re sorry for my students, but who’s sorry for me for bearing with them?! Just joking 🙂 You would have it tough as a gemini, considering that you have two persons to manage. I’m in cancer, which is the worst name for a zodiac sign besides virgo, and among infamous persons born under cancer is Hitler. Which kind of brings us to my teaching and me being strict…


      1. I would fare well with you as a teacher as one of my sides is super organized, and hopefully is the one I use to work abd study!
        One of my best bosses was a super strict capricornian and another was from cancer. Yes, agree. Dreadful name but there are many wonderful people from this one besides the bad guy…
        And you’re not from Austria! 😉


        1. I have a hunch that you’d be an excellent student! I see it from your Gravatar picture 😉 Well, I sort am from Austria, when you think of it, because my country used to be part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire…


          1. I have always been a bit nerdy! Hahaha all teachers and for God’s sake – mothers in law – always loved me, except for the last one! Ops! Is she following your blog? 😉

            Forgot that! You’re part of the Habsburg family!


          2. No mothers-in-law follow my blog because I’m the worst daughter-in-law ever. Doesn’t cook, doesn’t like kids – my mother-in-law surely wonders what it is that I DO.

            Liked by 1 person

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