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What a Quiet Night Tonight

When it’s so quiet You think You should hear yourself breathing But you hear nothing Have you gone deaf Have you died What’s happening You’re terrified Has it ever happened to you that you thought you went deaf because you couldn’t hear any sound around? The house is quite quiet tonight and it doesn’t seem

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The Noise in the House in the Night

I’m waiting for my bedtime and not really up to anything. So I penned a poem (so-called). I was just listening. In the middle of the night (but not midnight) The laptop is humming The old heater is crackling (but not heating properly) The cat isn’t purring (she doesn’t care she should for my poem)

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Dear Sleeping Pill, You Had One Job

In the night My mind is up and around Alive, awake, awhirl Churning out stuff That happened That didn’t That should have   Heyou, mind, Cut the crap Stop the swirl Let me rest  Brain dead RIP   My sleeping pill is taking long to kick in, so I fingered a poem on the WordPress

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