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A Quick Log

Bought a new yoga mat. Nothing wrong with the old one, but the cat needed the box. Advertisements

If You Must…

Whatever. Here’s my painstakingly hand-crafted happy holiday card.

What D. H. Lawrence (and My Granny) Said

We’ve got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen. I repeat to myself this D. H. Lawrence quote often. Several times a day, whenever a new sky falls. […]

A Quiet Day: An Apocalypse Is Impending

It’s been such a wonderfully quiet day. No one called me, no one mailed me, no one came banging at my door in the misled belief that when I’m the […]

I’m Literally Bloody Dying in Here

Heyall (my autocomplete corrected heyall to Jerusalem, WTF was it thinking)! I have some news. I’m literally bloody dying here on so many levels (the autocomplete suggests a Bloody Mary). […]


Remember how I’m either too scared or too nonplussed to leave the flat? Well. I went out. I swear. The venture didn’t even require Lexaurin. Though I was tempted. I […]

My Blog Is Freaking Me Out

I get freaked out easily. (Thanks, anxiety.) I get startled by my phone beeping (yes, I realise it’s a common feature of phones), by the cat sleep-whining (I never know […]

An Extremely Crappy and Crazy Ode to Lexaurin

Got a panic attack. Took Lexaurin. Then got a panic attack that it’s not working. But later: Aw, Lexaurin, my happiness pill You make me feel chill You make me […]

How to Take the Worst Photos Ever

I specialise at taking bad photos. Scratch it. I specialise at taking the worst photos ever. Since the internet is full of how-to articles on taking better photos, I thought I’d contribute […]

A Quick Question: Do I Want a Sofa?

You’re my last resort. I don’t know if I should buy a sofa or not. I’ve been trying to decide for months. Please advise. Pros: a sofa! Cons: costs money. […]

Portraits of Mara Eastern

Originally posted on Cardinal Guzman:
After the kid went to bed last night I had nothing to do, so I made these portraits of Mara Eastern – loosely based on…

Unlimited Premium Themes Now Included in the Premium Plan

Originally posted on The Blog:
Finding just the right look for your site can be a fun task. If you’re on the Premium plan, it’s about to get…

Fire in Progress

I should be working, but I find the mushroom cloud of smoke outside of my window slightly distracting. The above was snapped with my not-iPhone from my flat’s terrace at […]

WordPress Theme Rowling

My blog is using one of the latest WordPress themes, Rowling, the WP-hosted version (here is the self-hosted Rowling). From the start, the theme manifested a bunch of bugs, or, […]

Unable to Add Links in Your Posts? Try HTML

If you, like me and fellow bloggers, as Rebekah and John, have trouble adding links to your posts with the new (and improved) inline link tool, HTML might help. It did help […]

I’ve Been Painting (but Shouldn’t Quit My Day Job)

Once in about five years, I get a crafty fit. It’s a condition to beware of, as I’m exceptionally unskilled. That doesn’t prevent me from attempting, pentannually, dyeing, crocheting or (visual […]

Box It; or, Organising with the Mara Method

Recently I read an interesting post on My Messy World about organising with the Konmari Method. When I saw that Karla used Curver boxes to store her things, I felt […]