Intimacy with Strangers


Elbow to elbow | Thigh to thigh
The guy on a packed bus | Sitting next to me
No | On top of me

He’s in my personal space | I’m in his
Hardly humans, more pigs | In slaughterhouse no. five

Thrown together by chance | Forced to intimacy
With strangers | We are

He’s on the phone | So am I
He doesn’t know | I’m watching
With a keen eye | and writing about
Him and me being here | now


18 comments on “Intimacy with Strangers”

          1. Since the video wasn’t available I wasn’t sure if you could see the title. (Google is my friend – I over use it and not my memory cells πŸ˜‰ )


  1. My holiday in Japan was an education in the intimacy of strangers as every train ride was up close and personal, but they take it as normal and never blink an eye at it.


    1. I see! That’s an interesting experience. Maybe an experience one would pass on πŸ˜‰ It’s normal, can’t be avoided, but it still makes me feel unpleasant and somewhat violated when I’m somewhere where it’s crowded and packed.

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