Developing Your Eye I: Only Connect


Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye I.

Today’s obvious photo prompt asks to connect. I did so on several levels. I shot a horror snap of railway tracks, railway being the literal means of connection. The snap was taken very early in the morning, which represents the connection between night and day. So clever, right? And no, of course I didn’t bother to get up at an impossible hour only for the sake of shooting a premeditated photo. I had to be up anyway and the snap was just opportune. Or random, to be more exact.

Only connect!

Live in fragments no longer.

—E. M. Forster



6 comments on “Developing Your Eye I: Only Connect”

      1. I can see that; probably would be good for me to redo it as well. (As your picture shows, a theme can be taken in many directions.) I never did Photography 201–bet that has been renamed as well (as has Blogging 101).


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