Photo Gallery: Colourful Landscapes

Photo Gallery: Colourful Landscapes

My preferred mobile photo editing app, Snapseed, got a makeover. I hate it because they shuffled the buttons and now I can’t find a thing. I love it because they added filters. Filters! *happy dance* Scratch that. I’m neither happy nor do I dance. Ever. Here are some happy colourful filtered photos instead.

24 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Colourful Landscapes

    1. We are the world’s largest consumer of beer and a huge exporter, so hops are all around here. Noah would indeed approve of the weather we’ve been having here for the last two weeks. I wonder where all the water goes. It’s raining practically non-stop.


  1. Here they grow hops in Tasmania. I remember being over-awed by the height and the smell of them as a new arrival. Never heard of Snapseed – I get it’s an app. Apps and I have a love/hate relationship !


  2. I love every photo. The burst of colors is extraordinarily captivating. You were able to capture the beauty of the skies too at different times of the day.


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