Finding Everyday Inspiration: You Wish, I Write

Finding Everyday Inspiration: You Wish, I Write

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration.

You wish, I write. The point is: be careful what you wish for! Remember how I asked you what I should write about? Well, here comes the day of the writing challenge when we take a cue from our readers. Huge thanks for everyone’s suggestions! I’d like to cover all, and hope to do so, one by one, but I’ll start chronologically. John from the McLawson blog promptly proposed:

Write about what you like most, whatever it is. A hobby, cats, politics? Local issues. 🤔

Trash to go with my trashy post

Hobby, Leisure, Pleasure

I had to look up the word hobby in a dictionary. The definition wasn’t particularly helpful: an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. I had to proceed to look up leisure and pleasure. From the definition of leisure, I deduce it’s basically a yetti—it’s not real. I mean, free time as in time one is not occupied working? There’s no such a thing. Pleasure I’ve heard before but besides the pleasure principle—avoiding pain and seeking out pleasure—I don’t have a first-hand experience of this concept.

We’re not getting anywhere here. Let’s move on.

Cats, Politics, Local Issues

My personal pleasure principle boils down to seeking out cats and avoiding politics. Cats are the only stimulus to which I respond with spontaneous enthusiasm, one might even say a sensation of pleasure. Politics is my trigger. I avoid it pro-actively. I’m so successful at it that I barely know who the prime minister of my own country is. I don’t even know who the mayor of my town is. Which pretty much covers all I have to say about local issues. Wait, no. There’s one thing: Dear mayor, please place some recycle bins in my street. I’m tired of dragging my recyclables all the way to the other end of the town.

Thank you for reading. To be continued. (Are you scared yet? You’d better be!)

16 thoughts on “Finding Everyday Inspiration: You Wish, I Write

  1. Mara, thank you for mentioning my site! It’s now self-hosted. Took them two weeks to move it. This rubbish bins are very small, or short. Your research on the word Hobby is correct, something one does during leisure time.

    I was just commenting on another blog how much I dislike politics, to the point of tuning out our TV and radio stations, they are just government licensed propaganda machines in my view.


    1. Hm, are these rubbish bins small? I never thought of that!

      I see you share my dislike of politics; for me, it’s just depressing.

      While this post isn’t too much, I was rather pleased I managed to sneak in all your suggestions!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, politics are just so disgusting no matter the country you live in. It’s all cut throat lies and BS. I don’t mean to be critical, I just thought those bins were rather small. Here, they can be large plastic bins about four or so foot tall and on two wheels to tilt and roll Unless they are the giant steel type that the big truck picks up and dumps.

        I’m on self hosting now, and am ironing out some bugs. Glad you were able to comment Mara. I had to reinstall JetPack…


          1. Thank you for the thumbs up on the site Mara, it’s all complete now. I’ve had to fix a couple things regarding the fonts on the site. I hope the header font will render correctly in all browsers as well as the post title font.


          2. Well, I can’t say if your fonts show to me as you want them but overall, the site looks to me just as it was and perfectly fine, so yes, thumbs up 😀


  2. A hobby is something you enjoy doing like collecting stamps or flower arrangement…..neither of which I would assume would be in your definition of hobby…..but I think your suggestion for recycling bins at your house is a good idea as I imagine you have much to recycle??


    1. Nope, no stamp collecting or flower arranging (is that even a thing?), but after my research into hobbies, I think I get the general idea 😉

      Do I look like I produce a lot of recyclable waste 😀 ? I don’t know, maybe just the usual amount? But I do try to recycle what I can.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You definitely don’t need a big bin because your blog doesn’t produce garbage. 😀
    And this thing about hobbies, I abhor it. And when people ask me if blogging and photography are my hobbies, my stomach turns upside down. Nope. I don’t like regular, repetitive, same anything.
    I wish I could find more authentic and fearless posts like yours. Only then I could have a hobby.


    1. It probably makes sense to have hobbies and to blog about them, but I’ve always had issues with conventional things. I think too much about it.

      You have your own unique writing style, which is always surprising. You challenge me to rethink things I’d normally not even notice.

      And I’m certainly not a fearless blogger. I’m permanently scared WordPress will ban me for saying f*ck and not attaching the fashionable trigger warnings to posts which are depressing.


      1. Hobbies are and main remain an area of no interest to me. I don’t need to think much about it.

        What a big compliment, Mara. You’re not easily impressed by anyone, let alone be challenged to rethink things, so that’s praise to be cherished forever.

        Well, there are other bloggers that misbehave and WP seem to act fast. What you do is not harmful. As far as I remember, when I lived in San Francisco, it shocked me how they used f*ck for just about anything but says that they would be offended if anyone said god dammit.
        I think it’s more European to not like the ‘f’ word.


        1. Oh, I wasn’t aware you lived in San Francisco! Must have been such an interesting experience.

          What I’m somewhat worried about are cultural differences, which is basically what you’re saying. My culture is pretty lax, so it’s very likely I’m offending others without even noticing.


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