Finding Everyday Inspiration: Ten-Hour-Story

Finding Everyday Inspiration: Ten-Hour-Story

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration.

Today’s writing challenge suggests that we rewrite James Joyce’s Ulysses. I’m on it, so see you in seven years. Wait.




Wait, I don’t mean that you wait seven years! The prompt is actually to write a story set within a single day, like Ulysses. Fine.

I will rework the book, base it on my day and will style it to convey the same impression that attempting to read a few pages of Ulysses gave me. My impression was that of a self-indulgent, neurotic and pretentious piece of text(s) that was never intended to be read by anyone but its author.

Why, no, I have no default reverence for classics only because they are classics. If you’re up to reading a strenuously detailed chronicle of what I’ve been up to today rather than what Joyce’s Leopold Bloom was up to on 16 June 1914, grab a mug like the one (two) below and let’s get down to it.

Redefining double coffee

Slept without sleeping pill. That is, didn’t sleep. Woke up 11:15. Too early. Went back to not sleeping.

Alarm at 12:00 | Cuddle the cat. Feed the cat, give her water, clean the litter. Coffee brewing while bathroom.

Then | Coffee and cigarette no. 1. Yoga. Feels great. Then feels boring. The corpse pose. I can’t even.

Then | Saturday, so vacuuming. Take rubbish to the bin. Check mailbox. Avoid neighbours.

Then | Yogurt drink and cigarette no. 2. Out at the balcony. Fucking freezing.

1:55–2:37 | Personal project Code a Day: teach myself JavaScript. Declare variables. Add methods. Return results.

Then | Reply emails. Cigarette no. 3.

3:14–4:45 | Copywriting. New banknotes in India. Again. Country is a mess. I’m wiped. Cigarette no. 4.

5:00 | Cook. Eat. Try not to sleep. Message beep: Movie tonight @ 8Hell no. Ok then. Cigarette no. 5.

6:00 | Reply blog comments. Remove chipped nail polish. File nails. Have shower. Lost track of cigarette nos.

8:00 | Movie. Fun. Then boring. Dozing off. When will this end? Oh there’s a cat!

10:11 | Home. Fuck that. Work ahead. Miles to go before I sleep. Robert Frost.

I’m done. Now imagine that someone writes an entire bulky book like this. I mean, incomprehensible to anyone but himself. In this case herself. I’m tempted to annotate the above text for you but that would lose the Joycean charm.


16 thoughts on “Finding Everyday Inspiration: Ten-Hour-Story

    1. Oh I’m pretty busy all the time, I’m workaholic and feel guilty when I don’t work, but now I’m experimenting with taking one day in the week off. Sunday. Today. So far it’s only making me anxious. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and have some coffee for me 😉

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    1. You’re probably not there yet, the prompts shouldn’t be different 😀 I just sometimes approach them in such a way that the original prompt gets lost in the translation. But then, that’s the beauty of prompts: you just get inspired and take it in your own direction.


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