Month: September 2017

I’m Hot: Here’s Proof

Today, I woke up hot. Not sexy hot (because I’m always that — wishful positive thinking), but hot hot. If you’ve been so unfortunate and bored as to follow my complaints […]

Developing Your Eye I: Solitude Sucks

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye I. Yeah, I’m seriously interpreting the photo prompt solitude with a picture of three people. The couple was making out (the bastards stopped just before […]

It’s Caturday and Something’s Up

Something is up. Or, more likely, nothing is up and my cat is just watching the air, as per usual.

I’m Literally Bloody Dying in Here

Heyall (my autocomplete corrected heyall to Jerusalem, WTF was it thinking)! I have some news. I’m literally bloody dying here on so many levels (the autocomplete suggests a Bloody Mary). […]

Developing Your Eye I: Only Connect

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye I. Today’s obvious photo prompt asks to connect. I did so on several levels. I shot a horror snap of railway tracks, railway being […]

Developing Your Eye I: I’m Blessed (Snort)

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye I. When someone declares they’re blessed, it triggers the worst in me. I can’t make myself believe the authenticity of such a bold […]


Remember how I’m either too scared or too nonplussed to leave the flat? Well. I went out. I swear. The venture didn’t even require Lexaurin. Though I was tempted. I […]

Photo Gallery: Pop Nature

Because my existence is so bleak, I’m attempting to balance it out with colourfully filtered photos. Filtered beyond recognition. I’m turning nature into a pop icon—with the pops of colours […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows.   Still falls the Rain— Dark as the world of man, black as our loss— —Edith Sitwell

My Cat Is So Dumb She Can’t Be Mine

My cat does the usual catty things and some other things that might be catty or not but are, hands down, definitely crazy. My cat is my favourite person but, […]

Developing Your Eye I: Water(ish)

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye I. The next subject to shoot in this challenge is water. Since I couldn’t be bothered, I shot a manhole whose dents retained some […]

You Need to Know What I’ve Been Up To

I’m so kidding. First, you naturally don’t need to know what I’ve been up to, and second, I haven’t even been up to anything in particular. The following uneventful events […]

Developing Your Eye I: Street Life (Death)

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye I. Prompt two of this photo challenge discriminates against challenged people who can’t or won’t go out. I can but I won’t. I […]

Developing Your Eye I: Cat Home

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye I.   I can’t get enough of challenges. I should challenge myself not to accept any challenge for, say, thirty days. On second […]

Photo Gallery: Minimalist Abstractions

I’ve been really overdoing myself shooting-wise. I don’t travel, I refuse to leave the house even, so my scope of subjects for taking pictures is extremely limited. I accept the […]

Dear Sleeping Pill, You Had One Job

In the night My mind is up and around Alive, awake, awhirl Churning out stuff That happened That didn’t That should have   Heyou, mind, Cut the crap Stop the […]

Unhelpful Conversations with Myself

I have a number of selves. It doesn’t particularly bother me but my psych says something about mixed personality disorder. As long as he is pleased with himself—I guess it’s […]

Photo Gallery: Colourful Landscapes

My preferred mobile photo editing app, Snapseed, got a makeover. I hate it because they shuffled the buttons and now I can’t find a thing. I love it because they […]