Finding Everyday Inspiration: If We Were Having Slivovitz

Finding Everyday Inspiration: If We Were Having Slivovitz

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration.

It’s challenging to take part in a challenge when you’ve already taken your challenged part in every challenge. In other words, I’ve already been challenged to everything. In other other words, I’ve already written about everything. This includes today’s stale prompt, which is, If we were having coffee. To exterminate any potential bacteria and fungus in the stale coffee prompt, I’ll be having slivovitz instead.

If we were having slivovitz, I’d be more annoying than usual but that wouldn’t matter because we’d be having slivovitz.

If we were having slivovitz, I’d be complaining about my shitty life and punctuate my rant with the assertion that I’m not complaining. (I am aware of the irony.)

If we were continuing having slivovitz, I’d request that you compliment my hairdo, make-up, glasses, apparel and also my being a badass smartass.

If we were still having slivovitz, I’d produce fifty most recent pictures of my cat and demand that you praise her.

If we were having more slivovitz, I’d recite by heart several poems in several languages only because I can.

If we were having our last slivovitz, I’d reminisce about the communists and cry because a democratic revolution interfered before I could become a pioneer (the communist version of girl scouts).

If we were having slivovitz, we wouldn’t have slivovitz again for a very long time.


42 thoughts on “Finding Everyday Inspiration: If We Were Having Slivovitz

  1. You’re right, the prompts are a bit stale aren’t they? I’m trying to approach it differently each time. I guess that’s the hard part. Love your – show you 50 photos of my cat and demand that you tell me how gorgeous she is. Such a good mumma.


    1. It is a shame that among those many courses offered, there isn’t much for advanced bloggers. There was one course on editing – but that’s what I do for a living, so I’m not keen on doing it on my blog too. Perhaps the challenge for us, as you say, is to approach the same old thing in a new way! Thank you for indulging my silly post 🙂

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          1. I didn’t know there was a photo2.0. That’s cool! Yeah I’m not sure I’ll make it through the editing one….. but I’ll have the prompts and can work through them at my own pace.


  2. I noticed each sip/drink/glass of slivovitz made you bolder in your assertions…but I think the last one sums it all up…do I assume therefore that when heading towards a feeling of intoxication your smartassedness increases?


  3. I’d sit and have slivovitz with you any time. The more we had, hic, the better the shliv, hic, shlivo, hic, shovalitches would taste. Ella Bella would hic hic, awww, she’s so cute hic 🙂

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  4. Slivovitz is similar to what they call palinca in Romania, isn’t it? It is a drink they fell in love with when I spent some time in that country back in 1993.


  5. I typed ‘they’ instead of ‘that I’, but, looking back at it, the error seems somehow apt. Everyone was drunk on the prospect of freedom and palinca back in those days.


  6. I agree that these prompts are very stale. I am sure that, if we all put our minds and respective skill sets together, we could come up with a series of prompts that are far more challenging and provocative…


      1. Is this a serious proposal? If so, I’m up for it. My role would have to be that of ‘creative facilitator’ or something like that, since my tech skills are almost zero.


        1. Haha, if that would be a serious proposal, you would seriously be the creative facilitator! I don’t think I’m ready to run any kind of challenge at the point really.


  7. “If we were having slivovitz, I’d be more annoying than usual but that wouldn’t matter because we’d be having slivovitz” … I almost snorted my coffee 😀


  8. If we were (finally) having slivovitz, I’d be agreeing that you’re the best badass smartass! Cheers to you.
    PS: these prompts make me sleep but I guess is because we’ve all been there before. It’s the basic course, after all.


    1. Haha, you’re my kind of a drinking buddy! The prompts are basic, I expected a bit more of a challenge, but it’s free, it’s helping to write, so I’m not complaining really 🙂


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