What I Hated the Least Today 258/365: Anti-slip Sink Pad

Yep, that’s my filthyish sink.

Today I bought something nice for myself. Cookies. But, also, and more importantly, an anti-slip sink pad. It’s a thing and it’s legit.

I never thought about what this stock item in Eastern European kitchens was for, all I knew is that it’s a thing you put in the sink, no questions asked. I’ve always had it, but recently my old one fell apart, probably because I didn’t give a shit and repeatedly placed hot pots on it. When I saw this cute specimen in the shop, I immediately put it in my basket. I’ve never had such a fancy sink pad with flowers and butterflies.

This also led me to serious metaphysical thoughts on the purpose of a sink pad. The package of the product said it was anti-slip and included an illustration of glasses having a pool party in the sink and not being able to slide around, which clearly put a damper on the party. I’ve never experienced issues with slipping glasses—the pad isn’t particularly helpful when a glass slips out of your hands—but then, I’ve always had a sink pad.

I suspect it does in fact more harm than good. You must wash it (okay, you are supposed to, I shall say no more), bits and pieces of ugly things get caught under it, plus it partially blocks the drain. I only have it because I maintain my national tradition. A sink pad can be such a noble thing. Please do tell me if there are sink pads where you live! If so, you’re probably being colonised by the Slavs.


9 comments on “What I Hated the Least Today 258/365: Anti-slip Sink Pad”

  1. Hmm, interesting, I´ve never heard of it and I´m from the CR as well… I don´t really understand what the potential advantage could be either. I totally get it for the same type of anti-slipping pads for bathtubs, but for sinks? On a different note, I am very pleased that you decided to write on a more frequent basis, I always look forward to reading your new posts!


    1. Oh, that’s interesting, I thought these things were quite universal in here! They’re sold everywhere, I got mine in Tesco. I don’t think I’ll be replacing it once it disintegrates, it’s something I’m doing only because my mother does it, which is not necessarily a reason enough.

      I’m pleased you’re pleased 😀 I caught the blogging bug these days, apparently. I’m a fan of your blog because I like your eclectic mixture of topics, and it’s always fun when I read about something familiar. Your hot air balloon post the other day really grabbed my attention.


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