Month: July 2017

What I Hated the Least Today 249/365: Mad Tetris Skills

My existence is so uneventful that even going out to get groceries is a big deal. I refuse to partake in this crusade more often than once a week, and even this with utmost disgust and only prompted by the threat of imminent starvation. Getting groceries is my weekly weight lifting workout. I will willingly

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What I Hated (the Least) Today 248/365: Random Shit

I feel like blogging but nothing is happening. Everything and everyone seems to be dead in summer. I am dead too, but I feel dead anytime, so it doesn’t count. To enliven myself a little, I put together this post of completely random uneventful shit that has (not) been happening in the last few days.

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What I Hated the Least Today 247/365: Embarrassing Translator’s Problems

As a translator, I learn a huge amount of marginally interesting and completely irrelevant information. Thanks to my translating practice, I have in theory acquired skills including but not limited do: How to help a dog deliver puppies. Which is ironic, as I’m a cat person. How to take care of female hygiene during a

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