What I Hated (the Least) Today 245/365: Weather Radar

Oh, hi, why, I’m new your weather radar.

I’ve discovered that my depression is best pals with weather. When it’s rainy and cold, my depression manifests sympathetic behaviour and I get cryiy and icy as well. It’s good to know, but otherwise it’s idiotic because it’s erratic.

Yesterday it was windy, rainy, stormy and generally ugly. As per usual, I slept most of the day and spent the rest in frustrated attempts to work. Twenty minutes working, thirty minutes staring in the wall. Probably trying to make the brick melt by the power of telepathy.

Today it’s the first day of what is forecast to be a heat wave. Yes, please, yay! I got up early and got a lot of work done. Nothing special, but no stare-offs with the wall either. Also, I managed to zen myself out during my usual morning yoga. (Which on bad days I perform with utmost disgust but stick to the routine to prove to the cat that I can.) Also, I got a foodgasm when I was drinking my favourite coffee-flavoured yogurt drink. (The cat thought I was being obscene.) Also, I cleaned the whole fat and no longer disgust myself. (Which reminds me I forgot to lint-roll the shedding cat.) Also, my cat loves me:

What else is there for me to wish for? (I mean, besides earning enough to pay the rent, having a human company, not being a psychotic loser and a bunch of other things.) Nothing. I could die happy today. Or live unhappily until whenever I’m scheduled to die a natural or unnatural but not self-inflicted death. Currently I’m going with the latter.


5 thoughts on “What I Hated (the Least) Today 245/365: Weather Radar

    1. Good to connect on Twitter (even though I don’t use it all that much)!

      I did enjoy my heat wave to start with, but after a week, it’s becoming a bit too much even for me, a huge heat lover.

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      1. Stick your head in the freezer, or have a nice cool shower. Keep a wet/damp towel close, rub it on your head, neck, arms and such and be near a ceiling fan or other fan. It helps!


  1. Hey … last night, I saw about the heatwave in Europe! I know you like hot weather, but … wow! Las Vegas, where John is, is another place I wouldn’t want to be right now. It’s deadly.

    Sure we’re affected by the weather! We were enveloped in fog for five days in a row, and that certainly puts a damper on things. The time I spent in my Swedish hometown was cold — I wore a thick winter jacket I borrowed, every morning when I went out for a smoke! In Stockholm, it rained!

    I think you’re right in wishing for human company. Just you and the cat … in the long run it might not be all that good.


    1. I used to think that “too hot” was nothing but a marketing lie of AC sellers, but the heat wave this year is really hot. I think it must have beaten some temperature record highs.

      How are things in Canada, weather-wise? I know from you that it can get quite hot and muggy too. It must have been a shock to switch to a winter jacket in Sweden!


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