Month: June 2017

What I Hated (the Least) Today 246/365: What an Awesome Morning

I’m having an awesome morning. Awesome in the sense of fucked up. I wake up and have a sore throat. This confirms the Slavic superstition that sitting in draught gives […]

What I Hated (the Least) Today 245/365: Weather Radar

Oh, hi, why, I’m new your weather radar. I’ve discovered that my depression is best pals with weather. When it’s rainy and cold, my depression manifests sympathetic behaviour and I […]

What I Hated (the Least) Today 244/365: Bug Infestation

I’m afraid of bugs. Really afraid. Irrationally afraid, as most rational people are. Don’t try to explain to me that bugs are harmless. Whatever sends me in a hysterical fit […]

What I Hated the Least Today 243/365: The (Post) Office

Ventured out today on a big trip. To the post office. I live next to the post office.

What I Hated the Least Today 242/365: Home Vista

Haven’t posted a photo forever, so here’s a perfectly bland and uninspiring view out of my window.