Month: May 2017

What I Hated the Least Today 241/365: Weirdo Dreams

I usually have realistic nightmares, which I remember in great detail and wake up confused whether it actually happened or not. However, today I had something between a dream and a nightmare, which was utterly unrealistic (obviously, you don’t know that when you’re in the process dreaming it) and which amused me wholeheartedly. My 65-year-old-mother

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What I Hated (the Least) Today 240/365: Friday Evening

Meanwhile, on a perfectly uneventful Friday evening, I’m chatting with my anxiety. Me: Why are you making me shake? Anxiety: *shrug* Me: Seriously, why? Anxiety: No reason. Me: There’s always a reason! Anxiety: *evil laugh* Me: But everything is as it should be. Anxiety: Exactly. So why not throw a shaking fit?

What I Hated the Least Today 239/365: Long Live Lexaurin

When I was admitted to the mental hospital, I was clean, as of not using any medication. When I was dismissed seven weeks later, it was with a budding addiction to prescription drugs. The irony. When I moved, I had to change my psychiatrist. My current psychiatrist is a jerk. Most psychiatrists are, in my

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What I Hated the Least Today 238/365: Shit Crazy Cat Ladies Do

Though I’m owned by one cat only, I’ve recently noticed that I act like a full-time crazy cat woman. This is what I do with my cat on a daily basis: Asking the cat questions like I expect an answer (Did you miss me? What’s up? Have you finished eating? Are you being good? Have you

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What I Hated (the Least) Today 237/365: Tinder; or, Meet Weirdos in Your Area

I use Tinder and I’m duly ashamed of myself. My hypothesis is that there are only losers on Tinder. And me. I mean, including me. I’ve been conducting a practical research of the app for several months and hence I am now able to provide empirical evidence to support my hypothesis concerning losers. Besides proof

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What I Hated the Least Today 235/365: Catifying My Cat

My cat isn’t very catty. To start with, she’s turned vegan. She won’t touch wet food unless it’s swimming in sauce, in which case she licks the sauce off, carefully shoving pieces of meat out of the bowl. I’m reconciled with her dietary requirements and keep on buying her meat in sauce, throwing the meat

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What I Hated (the Least) Today 234/365: Trying to Get Up

I have issues.  Among others, issues getting up in the morning. As an armchair psychiatrist, I suspect it’s because I lack motivation to get up. Unfortunately, I currently don’t have the ability to look forward to something or enjoy things. However, I think my routine of trying to get up is hilarious. Here’s what I

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