What I Hated the Least Today 224/365: Yoga Pants Radius

Real pants, as opposed to yoga pants
Real pants, as opposed to yoga pants

Do you have a yoga pants radius around your home too? Or a sweatpants or underpants radius, or whatever it is that you wear at home?

A yoga pants radius is defined as an area encircling your home where you judge it to be alright to walk around in yoga pants as opposed to normal pants. Like your home, it’s an area where you don’t feel the need to be presentable.

My yoga pants radius has about 300 metres in diameter and includes: the postbox, the bins, the nearest petrol pump station and the nearest supermarket. It also includes a hospital, a pub and a tenement sprawl, none of which I frequent.

I hate changing clothes and I hate the time it takes to make myself presentable, hence I appreciate my cleverness in setting up a yoga pants radius. Also, I’m perfectly entitled to wear yoga pants because a) I actually practise yoga, twice a day, b) I’m skinny, hence can afford to wear tight-fitting clothes in public.

Otherwise I’m meticulous to take care of my appearance before I venture out of my yoga pants radius. I deem it common decency to transform myself from a wild cat lady in a hairband and torn shirt (because cat) into a regular person fit to be seen by others. That much to my defence, in case I need one.


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37 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 224/365: Yoga Pants Radius”

  1. I think the only time I wore anything but jeans outside my home was when I had minor surgery and jeans would have been uncomfortable.

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    1. Then you’re a very brave jeans person! It’s good to be presentable outdoors. But then, it’s not always worth the bother – like putting on make-up when you’re just taking rubbish to the bin…


  2. Well, that puts a whole new definition into the socially acceptable clothing listing. Interesting concept – I think I live beyond any definition and just don whatever is most comfortable (and clean) without a second thought to where I will be heading on the day. Unless I go out somewhere that dictates some care be taken in what one puts on.


  3. I think you have hit upon a very important sociological situation that many of us have to deal with on a regular basis. Now I don’t have a yoga pants radius, as I don’t practice yoga, even though I probably should, but I do have a radius in terms of what I think I can wear around my house, my yard and the street outside. If I do go to the shops I am careful about what I wear as I’m more into disguising myself than exhibiting myself. I think there are some things the public should be spared and one of them is me at the supermarket in a singlet top no matter how appropriate it might be considering the weather. You know I’d never thought about this in those terms before so if I was to be asked what I learned today I would gladly tell them about the yoga pants radius.


    1. The way you describe it, you most definitely have a version of a yoga pants radius! I’m pleased I’m not the only person practising this grading of clothes in terms of social acceptance. I think along the same lines, when I go somewhere where there are more people, I want to be considerate and don’t want to hurt their feelings or their eyes. But then, for short trips to the supermarket round the corner, whatever, I let my hair down 😉

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    1. Oh my, that is actually hilarious! I never noticed what the connection of the product advertised was to the way it was advertised, but it still remains hilarious. Thanks.


  4. Ehh….I think yoga pants work for most errands. If you look good in them – which a good number of people do – why not?? The challenge is (at least in my world) if you get called at the last minute to come to a meeting, meet up with some people, etc who may all be in business attire or at least “better” casual clothes. …that, to me, is when it’s a problem. PS – I love your “yoga pants radius” concept – that made me smile! Nice job lady. 👍🏽


    1. Hello and thanks a lot for stopping by and contributing with your thoughts on this issue of utmost importance 😉 You hit the nail on the head – as long as you look good in something, why not wear it. Though I’m sure I wouldn’t wear yoga pants, no matter how good-looking, to a business meeting either 🙂

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  5. I’m a bit of an odd ball, as you know. 🙂 I wear pyjama pants when I practice yoga. I only wear yoga pants to the gym or when I’m out for a run. I sometimes wear sweat pants outside of the house if I’m feeling crappy, but usually, if I’m going somewhere where people will see me, I’m in jeans or a dress. That said, I think it’s perfectly fine for people to wear yoga pants out and about as long as they don’t look as if they belong on the people of Walmart site when doing so.


    1. Haha, yes, as long as you look acceptable enough in what you wear, you should feel free to wear it. The people of Walmart is an extreme site, it never fails to puzzle me as to what some people think is acceptable. Lucky me, we have no Walmart here, so no people of Walmart shaming!

      Are pyjama pants comfy for yoga though? I’d hate to wear anything loose-cut for exercise, I’d feel I’d get entangled in the clothes. Or maybe I’m just extra clumsy.


      1. I think pyjama pants (at least the kind I wear) are more comfy for yoga than yoga pants. I wouldn’t be comfy in them doing weight training or cardio though.


  6. I can see the attraction and if I go to the gym and come back wearing tracksuit bottoms, I keep them on and feel lizard-smooth and relaxed. But on a normal day I dress for everywhere. I like hot countries best, where the distinction blurs and I can practically get away from all clothing.


    1. You’re so right, hot countries are the best – or in my case, a hot summer in my country. It’s also less bother to change clothes, as you don’t wear so much of them. Now I’ve grown all nostalgic and can’t wait for summer again…

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  7. I don’t do yoga … hence I don’t own a pair of yoga pants. After reading this, comments included, I think I’ll have to get me a pair 🙂 My radius stretches all the way down to the lobby of the building. I go down to pick up the mail in my pyjama pants and T-shirt OR one of those long T-shirts that really are nighties. I buy them in Walmart, and they often have funny cat-related texts on them. The latest one said «hear meowt» LOL When I go to the mall or the grocery store I dress decent, but I don’t dress UP. While we lived in QC I felt as if I had to dress up to go to the store, in order not to stick out. You didn’t see any Walmart people there. Here, the style is much more laid back, and you can spot oodles of pyjama pants in the stores. So what … I don’t care. If they feel comfortable in that, I won’t lose any sleep over it. It’s alright to wear yoga pants as long as you look good in it. Those are the two pivotal words … ‘look good’. There’s a helluva lack of self critique out there 😉


    1. Oh you don’t need to do yoga to own a pair of yoga pants! It seems to me that yoga pants are used for everything but yoga. I’m now donning extra warm jogging pants for winter jogging, and I wear them indoors.

      We Eastern Europeans are poor dressers, especially in smaller towns like mine, but we don’t get extremes like people of Walmart. Everyone looks mostly the same, inoffensive and uninteresting. Though tracksuits sometimes trigger me when used as Sunday clothes and accessorised with heavy golden jewellery.


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