What I Hated the Least Today 212/365: Design

Psychedelic design
Psychedelic design

I’ve been to a local academic conference today. I was supposed to present an original paper. I didn’t have the strength to write one, so I read a chapter from my completed dissertation. No one cared, obviously. I was shocked to receive one informed question on the subject of my presentation – it’s not typical that my obscure papers on highly unsavoury topics inspire anyone to ask anything. I also received a lot of questions as to what an “independent researcher” is. It’s a nice term for an unemployed academic. Means that not only you earn nothing for your work, but you pay to be able to work.

The purpose of my attendance at the conference was mostly meant to be therapeutic. A change of routine. There were also some sentimental reasons, a throwback to the period a while ago when I was actually excited about the academic world. In the light of later developments – including that jobs in academia aren’t distributed based on merit and that academics earn about as much as supermarket cashiers – I can’t say I feel quite the same level of excitement anymore. Finally, I went to the conference to flaunt my new “design”, as  a colleague aptly put it. I’m obviously extremely conceited and concerned with appearances. I admit to this shameful quality shamelessly.

As I’ve been feeling like I’m dying recently, I thought I might just as well start working my way down my bucket list. Starting with a tattoo (pictured, because I’m conceited) and going on with me having half my head shaved (not pictured, sorry). I was pleased to earn some raised eyebrows and a number of comments on my (lack of) hair. If you’re considering having half your head shaved off, you should know what nobody tells you – half your head will be freezing off. Other than that, I recommend it. I’ll probably shave off the rest soon, so I can sell my hairdryer, save on hair products and save the time it takes to style half my head.


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36 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 212/365: Design”

  1. The more I see your tattoo the more I grow to like it and no I wont get one, a) I’m too old and b) I dislike pain. I actually shaved my head some years ago, best thing I ever did and it achievements all those things you listed at the end of your post, the main one i love is never having to look at it before I go out was there is nothing to look at…lol…..so which half have you shaved, upper head or lower head??? As for freezing the shaved bit, there are beanies aren’t there which I would wear in your climate…good to see you again Mara….


    1. Thank you for your comment, it cheered me up a lot for some reasons! (Probably because it’s entertaining.) I thought I was too old to get a tattoo too, but you’re never too old for this kind of thing. I’m glad to hear you have an equally good experience with shaving your head. It’s a huge time saver, having to style just one half of the head because there is no hair on the other half – the left half in my case. Sadly, I still have too much hair to allow for wearing a cap. I never wear those things because of course they mess with your hair style. I’m all style. sigh

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      1. I agree you are never too old for most things except maybe thinking you can relive your 18th birthday when you scaled Everest wearing a T-Shirt. Good to hear from you.


          1. Age is but a number Mara, I say that every birthday which sadly another one approaches….ugh….I’ve tried calling them off but my kids have memories like elephants and never forget…


          2. Look after you, you are one of natures unique and interesting people. The writing and blogging and whatever will return when it’s good and ready. I watched all of The Bridge. I loved the Saga character that actress was just wonderful in the role.


  2. I would totally shave my head if I had a better shaped cranium. Honestly, it’s the shape of a baked potato. I detest my hair and keep it shoulder length so I can keep it tied back. I have a friend who went from really long hair to a combined pixie hairdo with half the head shaved. She loved it and has kept a variation on that style. She lives in Texas though so the insulation provided by hair isn’t a factor.


    1. I didn’t consider the shape of my head before shaving it, but when the hair came off, my head emerged quite symmetrical. As a symmetry freak, I’m pleased. Shoulder length is a good length – as long as it’s just right for a pony tail. I used to wear it like this too for many years. Pixie, though, that’s another thing I’d like to try! Next time 🙂 It’s funny how much difference a seemingly simple change of hair style makes. It makes one feel different too.

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    1. My bucket list is only mental, and the next thing is to get another tattoo and probably to pierce more holes in my ears. I’m apparently all into self-mutilation. And doing something to my boring hair definitely was on my bucket list. It’s the kind of thing you do when you have a life crisis, I guess.


    1. Tattoos are addictive. I’m annoyed that I can’t decide what I’ll have next. It doesn’t help that I can’t draw my own designs because I can’t draw. But I’m all for tattoos and shaved hair.


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