What I Hated the Least Today 211/365: Hello World

What I Hated the Least Today 211/365: Hello World

Extraordinary times and extraordinary measures
Extraordinary times and extraordinary measures

Hello guys and thanks everyone for your concerned messages regarding my cowardly disappearance from the blog! Now it’s when I assure you that I’m fine, right? Well, I’m not exactly fine, but I’m not keen on elaborating too much. I’m a firm believer in it being a common decency to shut up and deal with it rather than bogging everyone around with whatever bogs you.

To satisfy anyone possibly curious though, my health has been failing these last few months and I’ve been working 12 to 14 hours a day, trying to pay the bills – see, it’s boring shit and nothing to be curious about – but it perfectly explains my currently low blogging profile. If anything, I’d like to inspire not sympathy, but admiration of my badassness. That’s your hint 😉

For comic relief, in the crappy featured photo of this post (if you excuse my language, but given my self-proclaimed badass status, I reserve for myself the right to be offensive when I’m inclined so), I present, anticlimactically, a mug of tea. I hate tea and I never drink it unless I think I’m dying. Well, I drink it now. I thought it might help me to calm down, so I started taking a mug before bed. I can’t determine if it helps, but it tastes awful, so it must be healthy.

41 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 211/365: Hello World

          1. Sorry to read that. In that case i would wish you the best possible quality of life until your final ‘recovery’ phase is completed.


  1. If I were a millionaire, I’d have helped you pay your bills! 😛 (I’m playing the lotto every Saturday, no kidding.)
    That somehow makes me apprehensive of my life in the future: I’ll have to pay the damn bills if I wish to live on my own and won’t have much disposable income. Pfff………
    Tea is good. I prefer it over coffee. People however tend to take it plain: I always add milk and a little bit of sugar. And your pics are never crappy; you know it. 😉
    Get well soon!


    1. Awe, thank you for being so kind! I didn’t mean to scare you with my rather scary and depressing post. Good luck with your lotto. I never tried that, but I just as well might start now. I like the idea of tea – especially taken the English way, as you describe – but I can’t stand the taste. Green tea makes me literally sick. It probably contains something I’m sensitive to.


  2. You’re alive!!

    I share your sentiment about tea. I wish I could like tea, but it’s just badly flavoured hot water.
    I hope that whatever ails you improves quickly!


    1. Thanks a lot for your kind comment! Well, I also hope I’ll get better, but it’s been dragging on for months and no signs of improvement. I apparently need to make some serious changes to my lifestyle. Maybe blog more 😉

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    1. Yep, bottoms up 😉 I’m not lost, just temporarily out of order, so to say. I’m still hoping to return at some point. It’s annoying that I’m not keeping up with fellow bloggers these days. It makes me feel vaguely bad about myself.


  3. I like tea, but only “English Breakfast” taste — no others. So every night I drink a mug of decaf Twining’s English Breakfast. Would never, ever, drink decaf coffee, though.

    It’s the proverbial, double-edged sword: it’s good that you have job, but it certainly sounds like you work too much.


    1. The news of my return from the dead were somewhat exaggerated. I’m a blogging zombie. Except today I thought I’d pop in, look at these two-week-old comments and scare the shit out of everyone, as zombies do.


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