What I Hated the Least Today 192/365: Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie


Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!
Thou need na start awa sae hasty,
Wi’ bickering brattle!
I wad be laith to rin an’ chase thee,
Wi’ murd’ring pattle!

—Robert Burns

I’ve complained (ranted) about my troubles with tribbles (mouses) before. My wireless mouse started to behave unexpectedly, so I dragged the thing by its tail (which is a nonsense, a wireless mouse doesn’t have a tail) to the shop where I got it and placed a warranty claim. A few weeks later, the wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie was returned to me with the note that it is and always was in a perfect working order. That doesn’t explain why it doesn’t work for me.

I think I might have cracked it though. I noticed that owing to the superior quality (*snort*) of my Ikea desk, a shiny spot appeared where I use the mouse. Too much mousing. An optical mouse doesn’t work well on shiny surfaces. That however doesn’t explain why my optical wired mouse works fine on the very same surface. Is it because it’s wired? Or am I just jonsnowing (= of Jon Snow, who knows nothing)?

I’m not much in love with my wired mouse. It’s a spare item I had the good sense to keep when I got a wireless alternative. To see how much I hate my current mouse, please refer to the header image, showing the mouse slaughtered and lying on its scroll wheel. There are mouses that work on reflecting surfaces and after hours of research (no kidding) spanning over several weeks, I picked one model that would be acceptable. What’s highly unacceptable is its price.

I’m also not too thrilled with the mouse’s atypical rechargeable batteries. I’m stocked on AA batteries for my mouse and I own no remote controls, kid toys, cat toys or sex toys to use them in instead. There’s an older model of the mouse with standard AAs (as of the battery type, not Alcoholics Anonymous). It’s also cheaper. It’s also unavailable for purchase via my usual channels. It’s also probably unwise to buy something old. I began this post thinking I have it figured out, and I conclude it seeing that I’ve found nothing. Error 404.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

43 thoughts

  1. I firmly believe that all types of interface apart from my eyes and fingers should be wired. It is so much harder to lose them when they are attached to something


    1. I don’t usually lose things because I’m OCD and every. single. thing has its rightful spot in my home. The spot is defined with a millimetre precision. Hence the bald spot on my desk when the mouse has its spot.

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      1. I can avoid OCD moments most of the time, but I can find myself arranging things in patterns, also adjusting a cup so it is on the center of a coaster, with the handle on the right, at 90 degrees. And on a chess board, the pieces must be in the center of the square, and facing the right direction. Yeah ok, I know what ya mean 😀


          1. Ha 😀 I’m blessed with having no friends and no family worth mentioning. Less worries. Of course, it also explains why I don’t have friends.


          2. All of my forebears are donefor. I have a few friends. Well maybe a couple. Probably just one thinking about it. best to stop thinking about it now..


  2. I bought new iMac recently…the mouse and keyboard recharge through the computer, no batteries any more…which is very cool I think…..good luck with all your mouse issues…..enjoy your weekend…


    1. I prefer batteries to recharging via the computer. I don’t like recharging things, it’s easier for me to change the battery. But whatever works for you is good for you! Consider yourself lucky to have it all figured out 🙂

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  3. I bought the Magic Mouse for no other reason than it looked good — loved the white, sleek shape. And that’s all I loved about it. Held out for a long time, but eventually I caved, and bought a wired Apple mouse. It doesn’t have a wheel, but rather a tiny “ball” on top of it.

    One cool thing about the Magic Mouse though: you could swipe with your fingers on top of its back, like you do on a touchscreen or a touchpad. It doesn’t work on glass, and it ate batteries like crazy. Two Alcoholics Anonymous at the time, luckily we can buy them reasonably priced, in Costco.

    I wasn’t even aware of that there were mice that work on any surface … until now! Checked out the link. The price of that first mouse, is pretty much what I paid for the magic one, three years ago: $75.

    I still use a mouse pad. Don’t ask me why. It’s a hang-up. I have a round, blue mouse pad, and I can wash it whenever I want to, in Dawn.

    Off topic: Has your little finger healed?


    1. The Magic Mouse does look very nice! I’ve read some reviews of it as part of my mouse research, and it looks like not every user finds it comfortable. I’d be happy to change any amount of Alcoholic Anonymous batteries as often as required, if the mouse worked flawlessly in exchange for this treatment. A mouse pad would probably help me too, but my desk is very small, so it doesn’t accommodate a pad. I’d either have to cut it into a smaller size or have the laptop standing partly on it, which would probably make it wobble. Also, I don’t like mouse pads so much, I feel like they limit my manoeuvring space, especially when my working space is already so small.

      Awe, you remember my little finger ❤ Miraculously, it healed in a few weeks. I don’t know why it hurt, but as long as it stopped…. * shrug * It’s still one of the reasons I’d like a new mouse, a bigger one, because my pocket-sized mobile mouses don’t provide enough support for the hand, though they’re good for a small space. Too many things to consider. My research into mouses is obviously still not complete.


      1. It’s something about that Magic Mouse .. I can’t really pin-point it, but something about the way it moves, so matter how you change the settings of the speed et cetera. I tried to play my stupid little game, but that was almost impossible, for example. This corded one is fine.

        I have a sliding shelf for the keyboard, and there I managed to squeeze in the mousepad. Would work just as well without it.

        Good thing it healed. Probably some inflammation …


        1. I have the fanciest desk that Ikea offered: it has a drawer and a built-up (built-in?) extension of shelves on top of it, but it means that the storage space takes up the working space. I can’t even sling one leg across another under the desk, the drawer prevents that. Well, anyway, they say that sitting with your legs crossed is bad for blood circulation.


          1. On the other hand, my knees hurt in this position and they’re best off when I stretch them. Which I can’t do under my desk – because wall. I guess the right alignment of the body is individual to some extent. I’ve been noticing alignment a lot these days because of yoga, and because of my knee pain. As other things, I still haven’t figured it out…


          2. While I was still working, the occupational therapists kept checking us out all the time, and also tested all new equipment on us (mouse traps, and the likes), since we were the only ones working in the exact same position all the time. We had the [supposedly] best kind of chairs. All was fine. Here, the chairs are very different. So far, I’ve yet to find a chair, where you can set the back-rest so that you sit in an upright position. It’s as if they’re all leaning backwards, so you get a very “laid-back” way of sitting. Can’t say I like it.


          3. An occupational therapist? Fancy! My preference for sitting positions is changing over time, now I actually find the laid-back position comfortable for the back and the legs, which can be nicely outstretched while sitting like this, except I can’t take this position at my desk. So I sit as upright, with my knees bent, my elbows more or less in the right angle with respect to the table top, and I’m vaguely uncomfortable. It’s ridiculous, until recently, I found my working station comfy enough.


          4. Well, I worked in a small clinic the last eight years … there, apart from doctors, nurses and lab, they also had both physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The latter, made house calls to handicapped people, to see to that they had the best possible equipment adjusted to their needs. That could be anything, from bathroom details to computer desks or cars. People with rheumatoid arthritis, for example, would require stuff for opening cans … simple stuff like that 🙂


          5. I like this attention to details that healthy people with no disability or affliction don’t even notice. Like the tin openers. Or that left-handed people need a left-handed computer mouse. Among other things.


          6. Yes 🙂 I’m left-handed, but use the mouse with my right hand. It just started that way … could have gone either way. When I iron clothes, I can use either hand 🙂


  4. I agree with your grievance against mice/mouses. Our wireless ones guzzle through batteries and the wired ones are just annoying to use. My husband treated himself to a very chunky gaming mouse that I can’t stand because it’s so big for my wee hands. I think finding a mouse I approve of is like finding the glass slipper that fits. Still, things have improved since the early days of mice: at least we don’t have to clean minging fluff out from the ball cavity any more.


    1. It’s always so affirming to hear that also another person is so particular about such details as a computer mouse. I used to prefer very small mobile mouses, but now I’d like a bigger one – meaning regular sized one, so I could rest my hand better on it. Gaming mouses are for gaming. Not for me. There are some really fancy gaming mouses around, with more buttons than I could reasonably use (or remember what they’re good for). I’ll try to find comfort in the fact that at least mouses don’t have balls that would collect assorted dirt any more.

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  5. I have a Magic Mouse. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it, but I’m soooooooooo in love with it, I could never go back to what I had before. It does need its batteries changed about every six weeks, but I don’t mind that at all. I buy batteries in bulk.


    1. If you’re a Mac user, then the Magic Mouse makes sense. Given my OCD, I’d definitely get the Magic Mouse if I had a Mac. I was considering a Microsoft mouse only to match it to my Windows-running laptop, but their mouses look even worse than their usual. Logitech seems to be the biggest brand for mouses, so I hope they know what they’re doing and will probably stick to a Logitech mouse.

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