What I Hated the Least Today 191/365: Lost

What I Hated the Least Today 191/365: Lost


I’ve run out of my Ginkgo Biloba and I’m lost. I suspect that the memory pills might have been actually working. I hate to admit it (I always hate admitting things). Since I’ve stopped taking them, I’m constantly finding myself lost.

Yesterday I got on the wrong tram. In a city where I’ve lived for quite a while and which has exactly eight tram lines. Not much space for confusion here (but I’m resourceful). I saw my mistake on the next stop, duly got off and back I went on another tram in the opposite direction. (The right tram, this time.)

Today I thought I’d take a shortcut on my way home from a yoga class. I did get home but it was the opposite of a shortcut (a longcut?). It would’ve been a shortcut if I could fly over buildings (but I didn’t have my broom) and walk over water (but I’m clearly no Jesus). Well, at least I’ve seen a part of the town where I wouldn’t normally wander.

They say that not all who wander are lost. I strongly disagree. I am lost whenever I wander. Otherwise I wouldn’t wander. I’ll probably want to restock on brain pills. Unless I forget where I was going or get lost on the way. Or unless I forget. Full stop.

32 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 191/365: Lost

  1. So I take it you wont be applying for tour guide jobs? Oh well think of the learning experience in discovering new places around where you live. Maybe in future you’ll take your broom with you…lol


  2. Will you remember to buy Gingko now, and if you do … will you remember where you put them?

    I ate them in 1985. There was a big hype about about Gingko in Sweden then, and my expectations were set way too high. I thought my whole life would be revolutionized, and I ate and waited. Nothing happened, or so I thought. I don’t know really, what it was I thought was going to happen.

    I lived in an apartment complex (well I do now too), but in an area with many buildings. Walked downtown, came back after a couple of hours and found it strange that they’d managed to re-paint the whole stairwell in such a short amount of time! I was in the wrong building LOL


    1. I don’t believe in food supplements. I bought Gingo when I was desperate and continued using it; and now I’m noticing how very unfocused and distracted I am and can’t really relate it to anything else but me running out of Gingo. I wonder if it means that I do believe in food supplements after all? Hm.

      Your story is hilarious! It’s easy to get lost in blocks of flats. My downstairs neighbour regularly confuses the floors and tries to unlock my flat with his key. It doesn’t help that he’s typically drunk when he does that.


      1. Right, I’ve done it here too; the elevator stopped (for some reason) on the 7th floor, and I got off without looking. We live on 9th. But something felt strange, somehow, when I started walking down the corridor … there were new decorations on doors, that I’d never seen before. THEN I noticed all the numbers began with 7 LOL.

        Think I’ll start Gingko again, just for fun, to see if it does anything to my general well-being. I read somewhere it’s supposed to have some effect on tinnitus too, but I don’t believe in that. Doesn’t matter …


        1. It happened to me too, the floor confusion, and I was thinking how nice it was that the neighbours changed their door mats all at the same time… I didn’t get so far as to actually attempt to unlock the wrong flat.


          1. What I want to know is, how come you can remember that you have forgotten something? Like, I know that word, but I can’t remember it? Or is that just me..


          2. I constantly live with a feeling that I forgot something. (But I forget what I forgot.) So, if I forget everything, this will be one thing I’ll still remember. That I forgot something. Confusing.


          3. I blame aluminium saucepans myself, I ate far too much food cooked in them as a child. It is a good excuse and you are welcome to use it 🙂


          4. Aluminium saucepans? What’s wrong with them? I mean, I’ve heard they damage health or what, but whatever, I’ve used them all my life because there were no other alternatives. I don’t blame them for my miseries. But now that you mention it, I could. An excuse always comes in handy.


  3. I admire that you got lost AFTER yoga instead of before. I think I definitely would have “gotten lost” on the way there.


    1. Haha, I had some residual common sense and didn’t attempt to take a shortcut on my way to class. But then I got too zenned out and thought I could hover across buildings and rivers, apparently.

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