What I Hated the Least Today 185/365: The Bridge

Not THE Bridge
Not THE Bridge

I watch as much TV as though I were unemployed. I am self-employed, which boils down to unemployed, and I think someone should alert my boss that I should be working. Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting here watching The Bridge aka Bron/Broen.

It’s a Danish/Swedish co-production series, and while a US adaptation of it exists, I can’t see what the charm of it could be. I watch the original not so much for the crime plot as rather for the awesomely bleak Scandinavian landscapes and its quirky female lead.

This character, detective Saga Norén, Länskrim, Malmö, as she likes to introduce herself, is the human equivalent of the Star Trek Borg. Efficient, emotionless, and not great with people. She’s my role model, like the Borg.

Without giving away any major spoilers, here’s a dialogue from the second episode of Season One, when Saga goes out in a bar:

Guy: Can I buy you a drink?

Saga: No.

Guy leaves.

Saga approaches the guy: Why did you go away?

Guy: You said you didn’t want a drink?

Saga: I don’t want to drink. Do you want to have sex with me at my place?

Guy: Hell, yeah.

Brilliant, no? Gotta love the efficiency of it. And, here’s a trailer for the show with English subtitles.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

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    1. Awe, a fellow Borg/Saga kind of person ❤ I’m very good at the bad with people part. Need to work on my efficiency too. A lot. Which reminds me I should be probably working.


          1. I actually wanted to be a lighthouse keeper, until I found that lighthouses are all automated now. Perhaps I could become an automated lighthouse..


          2. Awe… See, I want to be a Borg, and you want to be an automated lighthouse. That’s quite similar. I wonder if machines want to become men; or if it’s just men that want to become machines.


  1. I have that series here and I’m going to watch soon. I did see the English French version of the Tunnel which I assume is something similar. I looked it up and it is. The female is sort of an aspergers character with some real social issues and at the same time a wonderful character…I loved the girl who played the part, she was also in Harry Potter if I remember right. At least with people who are direct you will always know where you stand…enjoy your weekend..


    1. Thank you for The Tunnel tip, actually, the premise looks much the same, and it could be interesting! I hope you’ll enjoy The Bridge. Or Bron/Broen, whichever name you prefer. I’m known to like socially inept people the most, so for me, Asperger’s is a rather desirable quality 😉 Have a great weekend too!

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  2. It so happens, we just finished Season 3 of Broen last night. It finished with some powerful scenes, building up to season 4. A lot has changed. Season 2 and 3 were rather different from 1, in the way the plots are so much more complicated and ambitious … so many people to keep track of. Still good, I still enjoy watching Saga Norén, Länskrim, Malmö LOL. She’s certainly not interested in dressing smartly. Still the same coat. A real interesting character — clearly Asperger’s Syndrome.

    I met an Englishman, up north, in Sweden, many years ago. He practiced about the same method as Saga: He went into a bar, said to a girl, “Hey, my name is Phil, do you want to fuck with me?” Surprisingly, she said yes, and he never got rid of her afterwards. He had an obsessions with dolphins, by the way. 🙂


    1. You’re right, the plot of season two is quite entangled with lots of motives and characters. I normally don’t like too complicated, I’m a casual watcher, but it’s so well done and it always surprises me. Don’t tell me, but I am wondering how Martin will leave – I thought his son, the one that Saga saved, would die. Nope. So I’m waiting how this will play out.

      Your dolphin-obsessed Phil sounds a curious character, and even more curious that this method works! I didn’t imagine it put to practice…


  3. Oh, and I forgot one thing: The song … the lead theme … I find that utterly intriguing. Each time, I try to listen, real close, but I can’t determine what the hell he or she is singing … is it in English or Danish?! Sometimes I think I can detect an English word, but it sounds like Danish in English or something … I have to google it and see what other people have to say. I like the tune.


    1. The theme song, yes!! Of course I blamed my own incompetence when I had the same problem – I can’t tell which language the song is in. That should be pretty basic, to be able to say whether it’s English or not. No way. It’s a great tune, so melancholy.


      1. I googled it and listened on YouTube. When I had the lyrics rolling along, in front of me, I could hear it was English (!). It’s called Hollow Talk, with Choir of Young Believers.


        1. Some very good lyrics too. The singer doesn’t enunciate too well, probably deliberately. I can hear it when I see the lyrics in front of me, but no way would I hear any of it without knowing the lyrics beforehand. Well, another mystery solved 🙂


          1. Me either … not one word! That says something about it — don’t know whether they did it deliberately, sang in English with Danish pronunciation LOL — weirdest I’ve ever heard. 😂


  4. I loved the Bridge and saw it in the UK years ago. Saga is a great character. I’ve been hoping to catch season two here in the US but annoyingly they only seem to show the US remake version and I don’t go near remakes.


    1. Remakes are disappointing particularly when one knows the original. A shame you can’t get hold of it, season two is no worse than season one. But then, with less TV, you have more time to be efficient, or not, as you choose 😉

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    1. Awe ❤ It’s a powerful series, isn’t it? Gets more powerful as it transitions from season one to season two and three. The third one is quite devastating. Saga is definitely one of my favourite characters ever.

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        1. Season three is hard on Saga. But she’s still the same adorable socially inept weirdo. I wonder to what extent it’s desaturated filming and to what extent the landscape simply is bleak….

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          1. She was indeed. I so identify.

            AYE, I wonder too. I suspect it really is naturally quite bleak. I just love it when a dreary and foreboding landscape becomes a character in a series, as it does in “Bron/Broen”. Very effectively done.

            Watched another series, too, some time ago, which is called “Hinterland” or “Y Gwyll”. It is a BBC Welsh show. Have you seen it? The footage in it is gorgeous. A lot of muted silence and minimalism used. Quite a few macro shots, as well. No characters in it as intriguing as Saga, but the scenery is phenomenal. Plenty of noir-esc torment in it, as well.


            olde craggy toad


          2. I prefer Scotland to Wales, but the series looks nice. Too bad that I can’t probably get hold of it – I checked and it’s on none of my usual channels 😦 I have just finished watching Bron/Broen and I’m hugely impressed. I hate it that I’ve finished it and have no more episodes to watch…

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          3. I greatly prefer Scotland. In fact, after all that work, with all those dying stars forging the elements so critical for our existence here on this little rocky planet spinning about during the Age of the Stars, I am just OUTRAGED that I was not born in Scotland- all that precision, all that work, all that forging and tremendous energy for me to come bobbing forth into consciousness, and it was all a waste as I happened to be born in the US, the WRONG place. Who do I write to about this????? WHAT an outrage…I say “eff you” to the stars frequently.

            Where was I??? Oh, sent you a FB message on further ideas about how to get Hinterland, which, though not filmed in Scotland and completely devoid of Scots, is still a beautifully-shot, dreary series. I hope you manage to get it.

            I am also upset that Bron/Broen is over for me, too. I hate being Saga-deprived. Who else could I live vicariously through so well??? Hmph.


          4. Actually, I prefer Scotland not only to Wales but to any other country/region. If I believed in previous/next lives, I would know that I was Scottish in my previous life. Thanks for the FB message, I’m going to check that out!

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      1. Not at all, I really like it. I love images of rushing water. The contrast is lovely in this “snap” and I love the rich colour of the grass. Not a poor snap at all. Even phones can be used to produce interesting and thrilling photos when the user has The Eye. 😉 As you do.


          1. Thank you. More like punkarse but definitely NOT “nice”!!! Certainly, the hairdresser I had to come into contact with recently would avidly agree that I am indeed a wimpy punk-arse (just because of my name, alone). As I descended into the torture chamber, I mean chair, she asked my name (the fiend, as IF I wanted to get friendly- getting a hair-cut is awful enough without having to actually interact on a conscious level with the tormentor, I mean, person), and I mumbled, “Autumn Jade…” Her eyes caught on fire and she leaped back and said, with a twinge of acrimony in her breathy voice, “WHOA Autumn, that was the name of the first girl I got into a fight with!”


            “Oh?” I said, hardly interested, “What, when you were five?” I used to beat up bullies when I was five.

            “Her name was Autumn Perkins (or some rot like that) and we were in the seventh grade.”

            “Oh, old then, for your first brawl…” I said, falling asleep.

            “Yeah, I was a late bloomer,” she said, booming with skyscraper-leveling laughter.

            “Ah…” I said, studying hair follicles on the floor.

            “She sucker punched me, the bitch…and it was pajama day so I had on this big furry teddy bear on my chest as I was punching her face out.” the hairdresser went on, snipping at the pace of a snail that has overdosed on Ambien.

            I have no idea what about me screamed, “I think it is normal and wonderful to punch little girls in pajamas” but apparently that is the message written all over my face.

            I guess the hair-cutter lass had never figured out how to drop people in seconds, either, or perhaps that was not scrappy enough for her, but for me- the less contact with people, the better. Drop them and leave the scene of the crime quickly, I always say. I did not say this to the cutter, however. I was NOT about to get hauled into an actual conversation with her…as she tried to give me the hair cut of some kind of pixie doll…I was just about ready to drop her over that, alone…




          2. Hairdressers who think the customer wants small talk are the worst. The only worse than worst thing are hairdressers who share stories of childhood violence. A cumbersome subject for small talk. I hope you’ll have a speedy recovery from the damage incurred in contact with the human species.

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          3. I am still reeling but a full recovery seems evident. Yes, they are the worst, indeed. Meanwhile, I am now being plagued by a horrid neighbour who has had the terrible audacity to be “friendly”. It is awful, I am sure you can understand…


          4. Friendly neighbours are the worst neighbours. I demand my neighbours to be quiet. Should they choose not to say even hello to me in the lift, I wouldn’t be greatly upset.

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          5. This one wants me to go surfing with him and says “hullo!” as often as possible…it is hell. I am glad you have your neighbours trained. I need to train this one.


          6. Oh, I shall not fail. I am FIXED on breaking him. I will never surf with a bloke who has no appreciation for engineering wonders like a Falcon 9 (space rocket). The man is nothing but a pathetic nuisance and vile irritant. May he drown.

            -toad breath


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