What I Hated the Least Today 182/365: Toilet Paper (Yup)


Yup. I’m blogging about toilet paper. Mostly because I can. And because I can’t think of anything more savoury to blog about.

I’m a toilet paper enthusiast. I measure the quality of places by the presence/absence of toiler paper. My best workplace was a place where there was always toilet paper. Every single time. There was even a separate restroom for staff—it was a university, and students and teachers had each their own restroom. The students’ one was fancy enough (and there was also paper).

During my studies at another university, there was no toilet paper. That taught me not to assume that the presence of basic sanitary supplies at sanitary facilities is a matter of course. That also taught me that neither is it a matter of course that cubicle doors lock, that toilets flush and that there is hot water (or even soap or even, even towels).

The restroom was what I loved the most about my workplace. I don’t work there anymore (I might again, as the teacher whom I was substituting and who went mad shows no signs of getting sane any time soon), but I continue to indulge in toilet paper in private. I’m unreasonably demanding, so the only Mara-approved brand for toilet paper and tissues is Zewa (tissues can be Kleenex, too).

The Zewa paper I buy is marketed as having flushable tubes. That’s not the reason I prefer it, and I didn’t test this marketing claim in practice. I don’t trust it. But then again, neither did people trust, say, electricity, before it became commonplace. I imagine the flushable tube was invented as an anti-child hack. I mean, childproof.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

52 thoughts

    1. Ha 😉 I noticed that toilet paper tubes often are made out of recycled paper already, and I understand that you can’t recycle paper infinitely – at some point, it just becomes un-re-recyclable, so to say.


  1. Tony Burgess said it the best 🙂.
    The empty rolls/tubes go to recycling here too. When I was a kid, in the school I went to, there weren’t rolls. The paper came in squares, but that was only in the school … very thin, little squares. Gawd, haven’t thought about that since I was seven or eight.

    All the brands they have here, and the TV-commercials, it’s unbelievable. The brand “Cashmere”, for example, they have a commercial where they have made all kinds of fancy women’s dresses out of that paper tissue. It’s expensive, and thick as a blanket. So is the kitten-brand, Royal something.

    I buy the cheapest one they have in Costco; Swan.

    Wouldn’t that be nice, if you got that job back again?!

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      1. I’m so spoilt from my job with the nice restroom and toilet paper that from now on, I’ll be probably considering jobs based on the quality of restrooms on the premises. These little things are somehow of big importance to me.


    1. Oh yes, the squares! Some public facilities distribute two squares in exchange for fee for using the bathroom. It’s ridiculously useless. Fortunately, I have carry paper tissues on me for all kinds of uses in emergency 😮

      I like it when the paper isn’t too thin, I’m quite a connoisseur… But it doesn’t need to be too fancy, it’s not like you’re not going to throw it out after one use anyway.

      I can’t believe we’re discussing toilet paper… But then, why not…


    2. We had those thin squares in my school too. Ick! Have you ever made a TP dress? It’s something we do around here at bridal showers…we make wedding dresses with the stuff.


          1. Yeah. But once, they had a song that was so damned good so I saved the YouTube link somewhere. It was a beautiful song about petals, made specifically for Cashmere!


      1. We don’t waste TP on dresses or on TPing houses, which I understand is a thing that people do as a practical joke or what? Different culture! But I’m not against a TP dress, if made out of premium toilet paper 🙂 With kitten print on in, preferably.


  2. Oh my Lord !!! Toilet paper! I remember using outside toilets where the only toilet paper was cut up squares of newspaper that you had to rub between your hands to soften it up before you could use it. Of course it turned your hands and – um, derriere – black from the ink. And in Manila there was NEVER any toilet paper or hand washing facilities in the public loos. Some of the loos were in a corner of staff kitchens in office buildings 😦 At the airport I was handed ONE square of single ply paper at the entrance by a fierce looking woman who I didn’t dare ask for more !


      1. Manila was horrid in that respect 😦 The footpaths were used as toilets – had to watch where you stepped…. My husband’s experience in Dubai airport was even worse. He had to use one of those hole in the ground toilets. His wallet – passport, money, credit cards – all went in the hole. He had no choice but to dig it out 😦


        1. Now that’s a story that trumps it all! I hope your husband has successfully recovered from his experience and wasn’t traumatised for life. (I probably would be, though of course I’d do the same to retrieve my possessions.)

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  3. I remember the squares of toilet paper in school … pull out one and a huge wad would fall on the floor. Or so many would have been jammed into the dispenser, trying to pull one out only resulted in tiny bits and pieces getting torn off.

    I developed a whole new appreciation for toilet paper and washrooms in general when we climbed Kilimanjaro. Seven days without any facilities and an increasingly angry GI tract was a humbling experience and one I’m not likely to ever forget!!


    1. (Not so) happy memories! I know what you mean. Jammed toilet paper is just as bad as no toilet paper. I’m happy to hear that I’m not alone in my appreciation of basic things, like the toilet paper and nice restrooms. Now, that’s quite an achievement though, to have climbed Kilimanjaro! Probably worth going without facilities for a week.


      1. After a while you don’t really care that there aren’t any toilets … but then feel ridiculously happy afterwards when there is one – especially if paper is provided.
        Funny – “paper provided” still makes me ridiculously happy 🙂


        1. That’s the best thing – to be deprived of the usual comforts and conveniences only for a short while so that you appreciate it more afterwards. It’s probably not so great to be deprived of these conveniences forever.

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  4. I once worked at a high class hotel (I’ve worked at two of them actually) and they had really fancy toilet paper. It was soft and comfortable and you didn’t even have to tear.


          1. I read your enthusiastic toilet paper comments in the morning in bed and it was a very fun way to start the day. I could totally visualise you in a TP commercial. Like, badass guys need to take good care of their asses. Cashmere, making your ass happy since [ insert year ] . Ha.


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