What I Hated the Least Today 176/365: Summer

Getting hot in here
Getting hot in here

It’s the season of the year again when it’s getting hot around here. I withstand the heat better than the cold. Rumour has it that my skin is made of asbestos (in other words, that I’m a thick-skinned monster) because I like my shower so hot that it would cause most other people third-degree burns. Rumour also has it that I’m a reptile (in other words, a sleazy slick snake) because I only ever feel warm in what other people call overheated rooms.

My current room temperature oscillates at 27°C (80.6 F) and while it is a bit stuffy in here, it’s not warm enough for me to even take my socks off. I’ll have 30°C (86 F) inside when the full summer heat kicks in, which is when I do remove my socks and put on shorts. I’ve been called nuts for not minding the heat (to the extent that I don’t bother to own a fan, less so use it), but then, I like nuts.

When things get heated up, I have a plant sprayer on standby to refresh myself with. I don’t have any plants, but I bought the sprayer when I moved in with my cat to use it as a deterrent. It comes in handy for human refreshment, though the cat is in a state of permanent alert in summer when I have the sprayer resting on my table. The cat overreacts, it’s not like I waterboard her.

I’m quite looking forward to the shorts and spray season. Summer just as well might be the season that I hate the least, and not just today.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

24 thoughts

  1. We are each other’s exact opposites, I see. It’s only since we moved here, I’ve come to realise I hate summer. I steel myself right now, as it’s about to begin, for three months of suffering. Not until this late in life, I see how I can’t handle heat. I get sick, the first summer here, G. was thinking I needed to go in.

    Honestly though, I don’t think it’s the heat as much as the combination of heat with humidity. The latter sits on 98 – 99% all summer and no wind. Bleh. Showering only helps for a few minutes.

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    1. That’s actually not that bad that you hate summer – I mean, you’re at the right place to get as little summer as possible. We don’t do humidity here, it’s dry heat. Temperatures have risen today again, so I actually switched to no socks and shorts already and I’m good. I’m more concerned for the cat, but she coped well last year and before that, she lived outdoors, which was probably even hotter. It’s funny how she lies around stretched on her back, with all her limbs extended, probably to let the skin/fur breathe.


    1. It’s hot and dry here, it’s not a tropical climate and we’re a landlocked country, so no humidity. I’m hysterically scared of the cold, I must have been traumatised as a kid or something.


      1. Warm a dry is good, I am not tha keen on the cold myself, and as for snow, its filthy white muck that I hope never to be in contact with again 😀


        1. I only like snow on the first day, but then I spend the rest of the winter fiercely hating it. Yep, stay put and you’ll probably never have to deal with snow again…


          1. I have reached the state where I only like to see it second hand, such as a great distance away (at least a few kilometers) or in someone elses photos, or on Christmas cards.

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  2. In Mauritius, it is so hot in Summer – thankfully it’s winter now.
    It can reach 27 C with humidity easily, even 31C at times.

    I think cold countries have the best summer. In England, the summer is not too hot, for me, not for the English people who never let go of an opportunity to take their shirts off or wear very light clothes.

    I also like how we can be grateful for the Summer in England. It’s freezing for the better part of the year, so when Spring and Summer come, we’re more aware of the blossoming flowers and all the changes that come along. In Mauritius, there’s no particularly change – except for a slight change in the temperature. You should go to a tropical island, one day! 😀

    Ah, I miss Canterbury now!


    1. You have a point about countries with a cold climate having the best summers. And it’s true that one appreciates the summer more when it’s very cold for most of the year. In a way, it’s nice to have four seasons, as my country does, but among other things, it means that you need different clothes and shoes for all the seasons, with temperatures ranging from, say, -10°C in winter to +30°C in summer, though they can get even more extreme than that. I think I would actually enjoy England’s weather; while I like the heat, I think a tropical island might be a bit too much even for me! Especially the humidity aspect of it.


  3. It was hot and humid here on Sunday. 31 degrees. Perfect temperature. I went for a drive with my Dad and he had the AC set to “Antartica”. If it wasn’t Father’s Day I would have jumped out of the moving vehicle.


    1. Ah, a fellow lover of summer, nice! The AC always gives me a cold. Every single time. I didn’t use it even when I had one. Hopefully your dad appreciated your sacrifice as the Father’s Day gift!

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  4. As you know it is winter here, the season for track pants, socks and ugg boots…..but in summer it is the season for shorts and t-shirts, in fact around here the less you wear the better which could be a scary thought I know but its how it has to be in order to survive…..melting is most unpleasant.


    1. Ugg boots are cute, but not cute enough to make me like winter any better. I do imagine Australian summers are too hot even for my taste. And I understand that one does what it takes not to melt, even if it means going around stark naked 😉

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      1. Yeah – except that Canada’s temperatures are in the extremes, at least in Toronto. It can be extremely cold in winter then extremely hot & humid in summer.
        I’m more of a moderate temperature kind of person … never gets too cold, never gets too hot. That’s not Toronto 😦


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