What I Hated the Least Today 170/365: Zombies Want to Have Fun Too

What I Hated the Least Today 170/365: Zombies Want to Have Fun Too

Zombie home
Zombie home

I live next to a hospital complex; more accurately, next to a mortuary. I find that appropriate because I might be a zombie, considering that I shun daylight and only get any work done at nighttime. Today I woke up to find the mortuary under reconstruction. While I was sleeping, which was a significant part of other people’s workday, what looked like the foundations of an amusement maze were dug up behind the building. I figure that zombies want to have some fun too.

On a related note, my landlord might have become zombified too. I wonder if it’s a cause for concern or joy, since as an undead person, he might resign at earthly possessions and stop demanding that I pay my rent. What leads me to doubt his live status is that he started to keep the lights on in his house throughout the night. I know because I’m so unfortunate as to have my landlord living across the street. We spy on each other because our windows are facing, which makes random sightings hard to avoid.

I monitor my surroundings religiously about once an hour, when I go out on the terrace to smoke. So, unless smoking kills me first, I shall keep you posted about further developments regarding the zombie amusement arcade being built under my windows (I live in a bedsit but I have two windows, which is cool, right?) and regarding the possible zombie threat across the street. This is such a great neighbourhood to live in. It’s really lively here, you know.

29 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 170/365: Zombies Want to Have Fun Too

  1. My greatest fears have been realised. You are, could be, maybe, just maybe might be a zombie in disguise. I just keep thinking what a shame it would be should we ever meet one day that I would have to chop your head off and stomp on your brains….or lack of…..I just made that last bit up about stomping….maybe I’d just carry a large stick to hold off at sticks length so to speak. So I hope on another level you take in the building happening beneath you especially at night as you may need your infra-red glasses to see the zombies cavorting in the freshly dug foundations….I will expect photos…

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    1. I’m not a zombie in disguise, I came out and am now openly a zombie 😉 Reading your scenario, I also hope we won’t meet. I wouldn’t escape alive. As long as a zombie is alive. It’s mind bogging.

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  2. That’s too funny … lively mortuary! Must be some oxymoron. Wonder what’s up with your landlord?! He suffers from insomnia, perhaps he’s haunted by thoughts of charging you too much rent 😸 Time will tell. Here, all the zombies go to the coffeeshop.

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    1. The oxymoron was deliberate 😉 And I do hope that my landlord can’t sleep, worrying himself insomniac about the unchristian amount he charges me for rent. A zombie coffee shop sounds enticing …

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  3. I’m impressed the mortuary is outside. In the hospitals where I work, it’s always on the same floor as the staff cafeteria. A bit awkward if you turn the wrong way getting out of the lift.

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