What I Hated the Least Today 169/365: Little Finger

What I Hated the Least Today 169/365: Little Finger

When in doubt, blame Enter
When in doubt, blame Enter

My little finger is a little bastard. It certainly hurts like a bastard. While it is not particularly pleasant to experience, it is a great deal of fun to wonder how come that it came to hurt. I’ve come up with several working hypotheses.

  1. The Blame the Mouse Hypothesis: I’ve spent the last few days working hard on a paper. Since I hate writing (even more fiercely than other things) and I suck at it (about the same as in other things), I often found myself working hardly rather than hard. I was probably spending hours on end with my little finger tentatively hovering over my mouse, waiting for inspiration not coming, hence I could have caused myself a repetitive strain injury.
  2. The Blame the Enter Hypothesis: As part of my research, I was naturally searching on Google. A lot. I use my little finger to hit the Enter key after I type my search. I have the tendency to get physically very expressive when hitting Enter. In verbally expressive terms, I punch the living shit out of it. It’s probably a reflex from my early years of typing on a mechanical typewriter. I could have hurt my finger by excessive Entering.
  3. The Blame the Exercise Hypothesis: There’s a saying in my language which translates poorly into English, but it’s along the lines that regular exercise will cripple you for life. It’s possible that I crippled my little finger as I was trying to levitate myself into one yoga pose or another. It could be argued that I would have noticed, but I wouldn’t have had to notice because I make a point of not doing yoga mindfully, so it follows that I must be doing it mindlessly.

Whichever of the hypotheses is correct, if any, typing (and the attendant fiddling with the mouse and hitting Enter) doesn’t make much to alleviate the pain. I should probably stop typing. Now.

22 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 169/365: Little Finger

  1. I just can’t imagine using the little finger to press enter. I’m mainly a six or seven finger typist, I’ve discovered, when I tried to emulate what you do. Perhaps your pinky needs a bit of respite and rehab to recover!


  2. Yeah, your keyboard sure looks different. But so does my husband’s on his HP — I doubt I could ever get accustomed to it.

    I use my pinky to ENTER too.

    Is it red and swollen?

    I got my proximal thumb joint inflamed once. Boy, what a nuisance that was! I could hardly do anything …


    1. Ha! Good that I’m not the only person who abuses her Enter with her pinky. Curiously, my finger looks perfectly normal but hurts like hell. I hope it won’t last for too long.


        1. I’m so dumb that it didn’t occur to me to take Ibuprofen. * sigh * So today I did and it works. Thank you for actually helping me! I think I didn’t think of Ibuprofen because it wasn’t helping at all with some back and shoulder pain I was having recently. I wonder why.


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