What I Hated the Least Today 166/365: Status Satisfactory

All quiet on the eastern front
All quiet on the eastern front

I’m against an excessive application of mindfulness, but so as to confirm this rule of thumb, I took a mindful look at my phone today. There was nothing to see there—which is the point. There were no notifications to act on, which was strangely comforting as it matched my momentary mood of wanting to be undisturbed and get some work done in peace. As long as to work and in peace should even occur in the same sentence.

What there was to see on my phone’s screen was that civilisation was up and running. By civilisation, I mean this:

  • Wi-Fi status: full bars, check.
  • Signal status: four out of five, fine.
  • Weather: current alright and forecast alright.

Finally, please take note of my battery: 100% charged. If I wanted to be graphic, I’d say that a fully charged phone connected to all the appropriate networks is better than sex. But I don’t want to be graphic, so I’ll only observe that my phone felt highly satisfactory and appealed to the core of my geek being on a deeply metaphysical level. Also, I should probably get a life.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

19 thoughts

  1. I used to have Telegram too, but nobody else had it, so it’s off my phone for now. Then I had this other thing called Signal. It’s supposedly good (Snowden approved), but it was the same thing there. I had a thing for all those apps he approved of.

    Our weather is cold compared to yours, but so much nicer than yesterday and the four days before. We can see little bits of clear skies here and there.

    “ … get a life”?! I don’t care about that anymore — this is my life now. If “having a life” means children, daycare, work, dirty laundry, feeling exhausted from sleep deprivation”, I’m perfectly happy with my life.


    1. Telegram has great rep for security. Plus it’s nice and clean UI and there’s a web version to it as well. Of course, the fact that no one has it is a bit disadvantageous 😮

      We’re having awesome weather these days (and I don’t say awesome lightly). Just the right measure of warmth, not too cold, not too hot.

      As long as we define life the traditional way, like you describe, than I’m by NO means getting any. Few things scare me so much as this version of life…


      1. Hey now… I have NO WiFi since someone left here. I am using only the iPad through T-Mobile for my internet.

        Since I used the monthly alotment, the speed is down to a few KB which makes it hell uploading or downloading anything.

        It resets the 23rd… GGGRRR.


        1. Oh dear, how are you surviving? I should blog next about my gratitude for having a reasonable mobile data plan which allows me to purchase extra data for a very sensible amount, should I exhaust my monthly allotment, which I sometimes do. Especially when I’m so dumb and forget to switch from 4G to Wi-Fi when I get home.

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          1. Your not dumb! Well, I have a 20kb max download speed right now, it’s tough as hell! My plan resets the 23rd I think. This is going on since I ruined my iPhone. My iPad has only a 6gig plan. hope to get the iPhone replaced in July.


  2. I’m often amazed by what it is that floats our boat at any time of the day. A fully charged phone with all systems go sounds just the ticket to make one feel good with the world but to equate it with sex is stretching it a tad I would think….though you might argue my reaction is a boy one and I’ll get over it…soon….


    1. What floats my boat at all times is when things are working as they are supposed to work. Which is not as often as I would have it. I don’t equate a fully charged and Wi-Fi connected phone with sex, I call it better than sex 😮 😉

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          1. That my dear is a whole new story, probably told behind closed doors well underground. I imagine Miss Marble as no shrinking violet…after all and this is a secret between you and me, she does try out all her potions, a sort of quality control you might say…


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