What I Hated the Least Today 158/365: #44749d

Totally unrelated
Totally unrelated

The featured image above is perfectly irrelevant to this post. It’s a snap of a feather that my cat tore today from her teasing stick. Not the vibrator, the cat toy that looks like a fishing rod, has a bunch of feathers at the end of it and is used to tease the cat into chasing it.

Well, that worked out, she chased it down and killed it today, repeatedly. Currently she’s hunting the detached feather under the table, making noise like a blacksmith, since it’s a table with metal legs, coming with two chairs with metal legs.

What I hated the least today though was #44749d. It’s the shade of blue that I’m at the moment using on this blog, along with #cc2a41, which is the red shade. I noticed that my post titles were the default black and I thought WTF.

I’m paying for WordPress Premium, so I’m bloody going to make use of all the functions included. (I always use expletives when I get excited. Especially techcited.) So off to the Customiser, CSS on and let’s cascade those post titles into #44749d.

Well, that worked out too, apparently. Not at the first attempt, when I started minimal and wrote .post-title a, .post-title a:hover {color: #44749d;}. This only changed the font colour on the front page. To change the colour on the individual post pages, I added this .wf-active .single-post .post-title {color: #44749d;}.

It seems to be working fine, which is vaguely disappointing because what’s the challenge then? My blog looks wildly colourful now, but I’m rather pleased with the madcap look. It somehow reflects me well.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

28 thoughts

  1. Yeah, stuff like this gets me techcited too 🙂 I’d already found out you have to change in two places for the post-title. At first I’d set mine to my #527CD0, but it got too intense in this case, so I toned it down to a grey. I’ve found another favourite: #345CAB. Easy to remember too 🙂

    What I find most tiresome is the hover in the submenu (or drop-down menu). I thought I’d written in a hover colour, but apparently not. It doesn’t change. Will try again, but not tonight.

    I’ve noticed something else: When you use em for font-size instead of px … if you type in a third digit, i.e. 0.791em … and then you change that last digit, you’ll notice how the text moves. I’m not sure what that third digit does. It’s not the actual size …

    I like the font he’s used for the entry titles. I don’t know which one it is, and I don’t want to change it.

    I would never use this theme if I didn’t have the upgrade.


    1. I find writing CSS much easier on self-hosted WP because I use child themes so that I could modify the code directly – I needed this to be able to change the language of things like the 404 page. WP is translated into Czech, but not completely, so bits of what the visitor sees are in English. Fine with me, but not fine with the visitor. I like it that on .org I can access the .php files, which are nicely annotated and easy to search. Of course I like it only until I break it.

      It’s a long time since I last tried playing with font sizes. Now that you mention it though, I’m tempted. I have no clue what the third digit does. I don’t think I even tried going for more than one digit after the decimal point.

      I adore the default font of this theme – but my mentality is that I’m paying for premium, so I’m not going to use anything default 😮 I know, I have a weird way of thinking.


      1. Understood (about the partial translation). When I first signed up for premium, I got so pissed off so I cancelled it right away 🙂 My favourite font, that I wanted to use for text, only appears in the ones for titles. There’s no way I can access it, even if I try to write it in with CSS. The name is Arvo. Now I signed up again, some time ago. Can’t say I’m totally happy with what I get, but I live with it. At least it makes it possible to adjust this Rowling theme so that I really like it!


        1. I remember I had the same issues when I tried to use fonts that were not pre-set in the Customiser. I didn’t figure the issue out. It’s been a long time ago though, so that’s another thing to try again… I like a challenge, you see.

          I was happy with my paid subscription to WP to start with, but since then, the price has remained the same but so many functions that were previously paid are now free – the fonts especially, plus almost each theme now comes with a featured colour scheme. So the value of my subscription bundle is constantly decreasing.


          1. Yes, the added, free fonts, made a big dent in the premium upgrade. I feel as if I pay for colours. I, and the ones that make up those featured sets, NEVER agree. I hate it, when they had plain black bars, for example … it’s too sharp contrast for my taste. If they have to use black for navbars ‘n such, they could at least make it #464646 or so. Twenty Sixteen, for example, looked like a l condolence card, right out of the box.


          2. That’s right, there are featured colour schemes in themes but I usually wonder what crazy person came up with those… It’s so often so very weird, especially the background colours. Now that you mention the black colour, I see you have a point – looking like a condolence card, yes 😀 That might be one of the reasons why I dislike the twenty something themes. They look so basic to me… (which I guess is the idea, but still).


          3. Yes, the idea is probably “basic”, but well functioning. I liked Twenty Twelve (because of what you could do with the front page) and Twenty Fifteen … I don’t know why, but I liked it. Perhaps the left column … I dunno …


          4. I quite liked twenty sixteen at the first look. But the image alignment in the theme is weird and so is the text flow. And it’s a perfect example of a condolence card theme 😉


  2. Techcited….yes I know what that is now I have “mastered” audioboom and have succeeded in posting a recording to my blog….the question for me will be can I remember the process and do it again??
    But if you have the premium version of WP then go use it I say, play with all the bells and whistles that I’m sure come with it…..have fun…..for what its worth I quite like the red and blue…..


    1. I’m happy you share my excitement at mastering a tech thing! It was a great move of you to use the audio! I’m sure you’ll be able to do it again 😉 And thanks for not hating my bright red and blue blog.

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