What I Hated the Least Today 155/365: Photo Editing


I had the chance to use Photoshop proper as part of my IT course earlier this year. Above is a screenshot from class, where we were multiplying, rotating and resizing ducks. I tried Photoshop trial some time before that, and I was unimpressed. The second try cemented my impression that Photoshop ducks. I mean, sucks.

For the purpose of editing my hobby snaps, what I need is not the admittedly most powerful photo editing programme but a programme that will do the basic tricks with minimum bother. I’m a sucker for a nice user interface. Photoshop’s is decisively not nice. It’s almost shockingly ugly and unfriendly. (So is the price.)

Instead of coveting Photoshop, I finally decided to purchase Corel PaintShop, which I’ve been using forever. It achieves most of what Photoshop does, and my impression is that it achieves it more elegantly (that is, more easily). There’s also a rather convenient in-built help palette, which I keep permanently activated.

Corel PaintShop
Corel PaintShop

My only major complaint about Corel PaintShop was the limited number of preset filters, or instant effects, as they are called here. The problem was solved surprisingly: with my purchase, I was offered to download for free the full version of Perfect Effects. This stand-alone programme does filters—lots of filters.

Perfect Effects
Perfect Effects

Filters make me (almost) happy. While the programme’s user interface is the ugliest ever, using it is a one-click business. There can be a hundred or so filters to choose from, including the ones known from Instagram. The filters have poetic, offbeat and weird names, which adds extra fun. Below is a bunch of my filtering experiments.

Should you desire to have some fun with filters, here’s a link to download Perfect Effects free version (I haven’t tested the link, but it looks legit). Corel PaintShop is available for testing in a thirty-day free trial version.

I’ve found that many bloggers use Lightroom, which I tried as well, but the appeal of which I never got. Besides an unpleasant user interface, it requires that you upload your photos in the programme’s library before you can start working on them. That’s an extra step I find impractical.

What do you use for photo editing? Any comments on any of the programmes above? Any explanations of the mysteries of Lightroom and Photoshop or others? While I’ve made my choice and am rather pleased with it, I’m still curious about your decisions (and reasons for them).


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23 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 155/365: Photo Editing”

  1. Ahhh…Hmmmmm ah no to all questions, I know it probably comes as a huge surprise that none of the listed programs I am familiar with but as you probably see from my blog any and all photos are usually someone elses, yours included, thank you, as I possess minimal skill, no sorry, that’s no skill in photo editing……with that I wish you a good weekend…


    1. What you may lack in photographic skills, you more than make up for in your verbal skills 😉 So I wouldn’t really worry about that. Actually, by not needing to edit photos, you have one less thing to worry about!

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      1. Yeah that’s my reasoning too….though I wish I could do such things…..I should treat it the same way as I do words, something fun to play with…


  2. I’m very novice with all this sort of stuff, as you would probably guess ! I’ve never heard of any of them other than photoshop. I use my mbl ph camera which has an array of features in it I discovered when doing WP Photo 101. And if I use Canva, which also has a small selection of filtering features. Not ventured any further than that, I’m afraid.


    1. Oh I don’t think you’re such a novice, after all, you’ve been through your Photo 101 course, so you’re on a learning path 😉 ! I’m glad to see you share my bend for filters. They fix bad photos…

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  3. Nice duckies! 🙂

    I started out, 2006, in what was then called, PaintShop Pro (now your Corel). Then PhotoShop was given to me as a gift (hmm … it was ill-eagle 🙂, couldn’t be done today). Before I go any further, for me, back then, it was a whole different story. I didn’t use it for photo editing … I created graphics, and background images. Stuff like this:

    When that phase was over, and a few computers later, I no longer had PhotoShop, and they (Adobe) had stopped selling the boxed version — you had to sign up for it, and pay monthly/annually, it’s in the cloud, somehow. By then, the “photography phase” had started, I reminisced what the PS plugin CameraRaw could do, and I missed it immensely. Bought a MacBook and Apple’s photo editor Aperture. That was painful … just as painful as Lightroom.

    I shoot all my photos in .RAW format (can be a lifesaver), and I couldn’t be without PhotoShop now. The interface isn’t great, but since I’ve grown into it, over a ten-years-period, I never think about it. It’s over priced, I think they should have other options for private people, not only students. I loathe LightRoom, it reminds me too much of Aperture.

    Nowadays, I don’t create any graphics in there (except my little Tassitus logo — the one in the blog), but I know I can, if I want to. It’s the RAW editing that keeps me there.

    Phew! I wrote all that after only one mug of coffee! 🙂


        1. Yup … blå boll. For about three years, I made stuff like this all evenings, while watching TV. It was like some people do knitting or crocheting, in the evenings … I did this instead. But we were like an online interest group, we shared tips and tricks … back then, we used background images for the blogs and so on. Fun times.


          1. Blå boll is funny because it looks like Czech blábol, which means nonsense 😀 It does sound like fun times! Now when I watch TV (online TV series, actually), I don’t crotchet (though I used to) but fiddle with my phone’s settings or upload photos on Instagram… It’s like no single activity is interesting enough for me, I always need to do something else simultaneously.


          2. Right, nonsense that’s what it really was.
            I used to crochet a lot, but it’s long ago.
            Depends on what’s on TV … all those endless crime shows; then I play some game. But when I get caught up with some good show, then I can just watch. But it has to be really good 🙂

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    1. Ill-eagle 😀 I spurted coffee on my laptop when I read your comment. Hilarious. My Corel was ill-eagle too, but not any more. I’m getting old and boring and am actually paying for stuff these days.

      I don’t shoot in .RAW. Theoretically, I know I should, but then I don’t want to do much with my photos, just post them online.

      You’re clearly better at this than me – both photography and design. I did try to make some graphics, but working with layers never quite worked out for me. Not to mention masks (which does another thing, but is another feature I avoid).

      The good thing about Apple (one of the good things) is that they seem to offer lots of pre-installed apps – I mean, useful apps, like Aperture and the word processor, whatever it’s called. Windows computers don’t have either. I pay for my Office package extra – it’s a monthly subscription cloud service, which I hate because you end up paying much more than you would for a box version. Except the box version licence is only valid for one (!) device.

      I think I accidentally wrote not a comment but a blog post about what I hated the most today (it often boils down to Microsoft for me 😉 ). I probably haven’t had enough coffee today!


      1. 🙂 I don’t understand the concept of Masks fully, so I never use them. Once, I went on a photo walk with a group here. We did churches. I could have gotten some good shots there, but my White Balance was out of whack the whole time, and I’d shot in JPEG. Couldn’t use any one them. After that, I bought an external hard drive and started shooting in RAW.

        Yeah, it’s called Pages. I rarely have any reason to use it, but I’ve tried and it’s good. I didn’t know Office had become a cloud service, but they still DO offer a boxed version, right?! Adobe doesn’t . I guess they came to the conclusion that all the ill-eagles were constantly ahead of them LOL


        1. RAW is surely a thing I intend to look into – at some point. At the moment it looks like too much hassle- when my photos turn out bad, I just edit them. My Corel works very well for things as fixing white balance. I do realise though that the idea is to shoot your photos properly so that minimum editing would be necessary.

          Microsoft Office has gone heavily Clouded. Their cloud, OneDrive, is built in my laptop so that it’s difficult to get rid of it even if you wanted to. The default settings are that your stuff gets saved on OneDrive, not your computer. As to their Office, the “box” version can still be bought – it’s not a box, you download it online – but it doesn’t pay off.


          1. The thing with RAW is that the qualitiy stays intact after editing.
            I think I have a great deal of space in OneDrive, since my outlook.com account is a paid one.


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