What I Hated the Least Today 143/365: Kitty Cat

The kitty cat not being annoying (at the moment)
The kitty cat not being annoying (at the moment)

I call my four-year-old cat kitty to suggest with the diminutive that I consistently hate her the least. She’s become a little annoying bugger recently since she can’t cope with me going out in order to earn for her treats, among other things. I imagined she would grow used to it after several months, but she didn’t prove to be very adaptive.

She acquired a new habit of meowing plaintively, not when I leave but, paradoxically, when I come home. She doesn’t seem to have any good reason, and petting and treats only help as long as they last. While I’m very sorry for her discomfort, I’m not particularly enjoying myself either, so I guess we’re even.

She started another, cuter habit, which consists in her routinely checking the bathtub. I’m not sure for what, maybe she expects a fish will materialise in there. She places her paws on the edge of the tub, wags her tail and inspects the perfectly uninteresting bottom of the tub with great interest.

She does this without any regard for whether the tub is being used or not. The only difference is that when I’m having a shower/bath, she tries to tap me with her paw. I certainly admire her persistence—or perhaps it’s lack of sense—because she gets her feet wet every single time and she hates it. I don’t hate it that she amuses me though and I always pet her back (much to her disgust, because water).


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29 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 143/365: Kitty Cat”

  1. They’re impossible to figure out! Our McDuff is a big boy, but I constantly address him with a diminutive term of endearment in Swedish (he’s totally bilingual, if not trilingual … he speaks Meow also).

    When he was younger, he used to show a lot of interest in the bathtub, but now it’s only when I’m in it. North American bathtubs are what I hate the most, by the way. They’re too low and too short. You’d have to be a pygmy to get wet.

    Perhaps she’s just so happy that you’re home again, and keeps on meowing like that.

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    1. Cats are unfathomable. Always when I think that I know mine, she comes up with something new. My cat is bilingual (trilingual) too 😉 I address her in English, Czech and broken Meow…

      I used to have a tiny bathtub in my first flat – it seated one small person provided that the person bent her knees – and then I moved to a place with a large bathtub and felt like I’d get lost there. Now I have a normal-sized one and it’s good. It’s great actually, for a bedsit.

      I imagine the cat does meow partly because she’s happy to see me, but it sounds quite distressful, so I imagine she also worries that I might go away again. Well, one more week to go and I’ll be keeping her company at home again at (almost) all times. I hope the little bugger will appreciate it 😮

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  2. She’s talking to you, letting you know she missed you. Perhaps you could learn to talk Meow 🙂 My little dog scratches at the furniture with her paws to get my attention too. And if I’ve been out, she just has to have a big cuddle before I do anything else. She even follows me into the toilet!!

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    1. It’s funny how are pets get dependent on us! I mean emotionally. Of course cuddling the cat is the first thing I do when I come home. She pretends that she hates it. I’m unable to use the bathroom unless I leave the door open for the cat to come in and out as she pleases – since I live alone, it’s not a big deal. When I tried closing the door, the cat would try to scratch her way in. When I let her in, she wanted out. Obviously. Cat.

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  3. Moe is obsessed with water. Turn on a tap, pull a plug, flush a toilet, take a shower or bath… he’s there. And he doesn’t mind getting wet (he’s a strange cat). Every time I hand wash clothes in the sink, he’s got his paws in there “helping”. When he’s done, he flicks the water off his paws onto my mirror. The first day I had him home, he was on the back of the toilet, moving the shower curtain with his paws to watch me shower. The second day he was on the edge of the tub. In the nearly six years since I’ve had him, he’s been in the room with me every time I’ve showered.

    I feel bad for your kitty (and for you) that you have to go out to work now. I can’t imagine how Moe would cope if I had to leave him every day. He’s always close by (usually doing his own thing, but hanging out close to his mommy). Right now, he’s sitting on my desk behind my monitor watching birds out the window.

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    1. Mr Moe is a very special cat! I know some breeds, like the Main Coon, don’t mind water, but it’s funny that Moe would be such a lover of things wet. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only crazy cat lady who has her showers while being closely watched by the cat 🙂

      I imagine the cat misses my company – she doesn’t really do anything with me when I’m home and of course I make sure she’s physically provided for – clean litter box, food, water – before I leave. She’s more relaxed during weekends when I’m home, so I hope that after this week, which is my last week teaching, we’ll be on our way back to normal.

      Btw, right now the cat is sitting on the window sill, her tail hanging down, and monitoring the pigeon situation outside…


      1. They definitely miss their human “parents”. One day last week, I was out for most of the day. Mom was here with Moe the whole time I was gone. Then next day, I had to run out for about half an hour. Mom said that he was “distraught” the whole time I was gone. I guess he was afraid I’d be gone for hours again.


        1. Poor distraught Moe 😦 That was before or after he buried himself in the flower pot seen in your last Caturday photo? I hope he gave you a proper welcome when you returned!


          1. It was before the flower pot incident. However, I’ve caught him in the flower pot before. And, yes, he gave me a proper welcome. He always does. It’s funny, there are lots of cars that come in here during the day (because of work). During work hours, Mom’s here when I’m not. She says that he knows the sound of the car, and “chirps” and goes to the window when I pull in the yard. Apparently, he only does that for me.


          2. Awe, that’s so sweet! I’m not that greatly surprised that Moe knows your car – cats are smart enough when they choose to. My cat can tell the exact time when she gets wet food, 7:30 pm, and she usually lets me know that it’s time by meowing in anticipation…


          3. Haha. Moe’s wet food time 4:00 pm. He doesn’t eat it when I put it out, but he demands it to be served at the scheduled time. Cats! Gotta love ’em.


  4. This will come as great source of disappointment to you I am sure to know that I am not much of a cat person. The reason is that around my way the cats roam about the neighbourhood and kill the native birds, hence my no cat stance. But I am sure your kitty is all things to you and it doesn’t enter the things you do hate then I guess she is working for you….have a good one.

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    1. It might be a disappointment but one I won’t lose my sleep over 😉 You’ll be hopefully relieved to learn that my cat is kept exclusively as a pet and is not allowed to leave the flat for her own safety – and safety of birds, though I seriously doubt she would know how to catch one. My kitty is keeping my sane – I think it’s important for people who live alone to have a pet. Or they’d go even more crazy.

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    1. Sweet 🙂 I guess we often call what we love in the diminutive, no matter how big or grown-up it is. The cat misses me for sure, which surprised me at first because I held her for an independent creature. Turns out she wants company. Now that I’m done teaching though, she’ll be most likely happier, and so will I!

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      1. Also, the fact that we will always be bigger than a cat makes us want to call them “Kitty” I guess 😉 My friend has a cat, she’s sooo… fat for a kitty I call her “Fatso” 😉 So it’s your semester break now?


        1. Haha, Fatso seems right 😉 I’m lucky that my cat doesn’t overeat, she gives me no trouble in this respect. Yes, end of the semester for now, and time for some peace! I’m not a people’s person, so teaching is not quite the perfect career for me. Though it’s not the worst either!

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    1. Haha, cats are awesome, aren’t they? What you describe is exactly what the cat does. When I’m sick, she comes to me to sit at my feet and stare questioningly. It’s nice of her, even if not particularly helpful. But her fascination with me having a shower is what I don’t get – why go near water when you hate it?

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  5. I think having the company of pets is sometimes (if not always!) more welcome than the company of humans; I like when it’s quiet without people rambling unceasingly and yet I don’t like to feel all alone! And pets are never boring because of their seemingly-weird habits! That’s why I see myself with maybe one girlfriend and 2 or 3 pets (and lots of books!) in the future. 😀
    I can’t believe your cat is only 4 years old! 😮


    1. For myself, I prefer the company of cats to people 😮 The cat is just the right level of challenge for me – she does require some care and attention, but not as much as a person would. Yes, she’s “only” four, but cats live for about 12 years (could be much more, but that’s about the average), so theoretically she’s lived one third of her life already. Like me 😉 I like your plan of one girlfriend and several pets (and books, of course)!


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