Mural May: Random Scribbles


In response to Karla’s Mural May challenge.

Lots of layering is happening

13 comments on “Mural May: Random Scribbles”

    1. It’s a bit psychedelic, but I quite like the result – and it’s in an appropriate place, a cement structure of mysterious purpose in a park, so it’s not like it’s defacing a public building or something.

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      1. Indeed it is something, and I’m very glad you’re sharing, I truly appreciate it ❤ Who knows maybe when you least expect it you’ll come across some nice one! And so far you’re the only one entering so I’m even more grateful 😀


        1. Don’t get upset about your challenge, it’s a great one, it’s just sometimes difficult to get it across to people who would join, if they knew about it. I’m enjoying your pictures a lot at any rate.

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