What I Hated the Least Today 133/365: Social Events

High school reunion: drinks and kids
High school reunion: drinks and kids

I have received invitations for two social events today. As I’m asocial verging on anti-social, I’m likely to graciously decline.

The first event is my graduation ceremony. Finally, half a year later, I’ll be getting my diploma. I’ve had one graduation ceremony already—for my Master’s degree—and I found it boring and pretentious. Serve me right, I should have known that a ceremony would be ceremonious.

It consisted in academic officials parading around in their fancy robes at a pace which they deemed dignified and I deemed ridiculously inefficient. Graduates were dressed in poorly fitting black robes, were required to stand in a goose file all the time and then probably pledged something—I don’t remember it well and I didn’t sign anything, so it doesn’t count.

The doctoral ceremony can’t be much different—perhaps it will be shorter as fewer people have the patience and poor sense to persist in their studies until they get old and die (almost). In fine print at the bottom of my graduation invitation, it said that there was a not insubstantial fee required. That amused me immensely—I’ve paid quite a lot for my education already and have no intention to add to it. I’ll need to inquire about the option of picking up my diploma without the humbug and avoiding the fee.

Another invitation I received was for my secondary school reunion. I wonder why I’ve been sent the invitation because I was the unpopular kid—except when someone needed to copy my English homework. I’ve been to one of these reunions already and while I found my classmates puzzlingly different from how I remembered them, I didn’t particularly enjoy the meetup—possibly because I didn’t dare to talk to anyone and no one dared to talk to me really. I wonder if now, fifteen years or so later, there will be any change (I don’t wonder, I know there will none—because logic).

All in all, it looks like I have just saved two days of my life.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

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    1. Thank you for your supportive comment. In a way I am curious about my classmates, but not curious enough to undergo a fully fledged reunion. Should I feel inclined so, I can always stalk them on Facebook to see what they’re up to 😮

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      1. Good idea. I contacted a female friend from my high school years, a few months ago. wE WERE NEVER A COUPLE. I pissed her off somehow, probably with how much I despise FB. She told me to fuck off… hehe 🤐


  1. Ughh … yes, avoid the fee 🙂

    That first one, that you did go to … did they throw the hats up in the air when it was finished?

    I’ve never been to any school reunion. In one way, it would be interesting to see them, and hear what became of them all, now after forty five years. But then again … nah. I’m not social enough, these days.

    Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest? 😀


    1. Thank you so much for your support! In a way I blogged about this to get some opinions – and it’s great to see that we agree 🙂

      My graduation ceremony was really a scam, there was no hat throwing! It was perfectly numb and cheerless.

      I might go to a school reunion when I’m retired and have nothing better to waste my time on 😮

      I’ve read your Eurovision Contest post with much interest, I didn’t realise it was such a big thing! I might look if there’s something from it on YouTube…


          1. True! I don’t know why so many flags are red, blue and white – like CZ, US, GB – it’s somewhat boring. What’s the point of having national colours when you share them with every other state. It’s not like I’m losing my sleep over this though…


          2. The ones with three areas only, are difficult to keep apart. Only Sweden and The Ukraine have the colours yellow and blue … there’s another one too, but they have some other figure on it. I’m certainly not losing sleep over this … flags aren’t my strong point.

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  2. I didn’t go to my second graduation either. I had done it for my undergraduate degree so saw no need to repeat the fiasco and expense for my postgrad. I didn’t go to an after-party for my first graduation partly because I was a penniless student and mostly because, like you, I’m antisocial.

    I would no way in hell attend any HS reunion. I made it through HS with minimal PTSD and have avoided most of my peers like the plague since (easily so since many are incarcerated). I have no wish to meet up with people who I happened to co-exist with for a few years, with mutual loathing, and the few I am still in touch with feel likewise.

    I am actually relieved that having kids and nobody to babysit for us also means I don’t have to attend any work social events with my husband. I’m not keen on schmoozing and I, therefore, mightily suck at it. I’d much rather be home on my sofa with a glass of something grown up and a good book or movie.


    1. I’m happy to see that you share my view! I was wondering whether I was too mean…

      The graduation ceremony is really too late for me to want to celebrate – half a year later, I don’t feel there is any reason for celebrations. Also, it should be the university paying me for taking part in their charade, not the other way round!

      I have the same feelings about the perversity of not being pals with anyone at the secondary school and then going to its reunion. For what purpose? Out of curiosity, perhaps, but it’s too much hassle. While I probably wouldn’t need anyone to babysit my cat, I would have to travel quite a stretch to get there, and I have nowhere to stay overnight in my former home town. That pretty much decided it.

      I’ll be at home, probably working – unless I’m procrastinating.


      1. Curiosity doesn’t remotely pique my interest in going to one of these things. I don’t even google or Facebook snoop people I once knew. I’m pretty ruthless when it comes to people from the past staying there.


  3. Having participated in an academic ceremony I have to say once was enough. I attended my son’s graduation and well, the highlight was his rather loud orange academic hood which made them really stand out as opposed to the dull beige of my own…..at my school we used to dress in academic gear for the end of year assemblies, it was like a dress up day in my faculty we had Visual Artists, Musicians and me the drama person. It meant that on dress up day there was a choice of hood to be worn…..no one noticed or cared really if you wore the green of Music or the beige but we thought it was fun to mix and match….


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