Using Windows 10: A Pie Chart


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

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    1. The continuing existence of Microsoft is a vexing mystery. Sadly, the new laptop I’m buying will also run Windows because I’d have to sell all my organs to be able to buy the Mac I’d want. At least I had a little fun with my pie chart.

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      1. Understood. The problem I’ve seen time and again is that employers by and large use Windows. If for any reason, compatibility with software. Obviously there are many more programs running on Windows. Which leads to why Mac machines are rarely ever infected with viruses written by low lifers with nothing better to do with their sad existence.


        1. I’ve been collaborating a lot on MS Word documents with various people and in my experience, the compatibility between different versions of Word is shockingly poor. Hence, compatibility between Mac and Win wouldn’t be my chief concern. I’m sure the basic things work, even if I did check on some less frequently used functions, such as tracking changes in a text document, which is essential for my proofreading job, and found that here there would be some compatibility issues. On which I checked the price of the Mac device I fancied and confirmed that it’s out of question for me. At least at the moment!

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  1. This is sad. Is your computer upgraded to Win10? I have this uncanny feeling it’s better when they come with whatever OS as original.

    The laptop I had before I switched to Mac was originally running Windows Vista, but got an upgrade to Win7. It actually went well … never had a problem.

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    1. I share your feeling that computers that are upgraded to a newer OS are basically ruined. It certainly happened in my case. I hope that my new laptop will be ok, if only because it will be new and up to current standards, I hope. I’ve just ordered it (him/her, haven’t decided yet) and paid online, and now I’m probably going to stop eating because it was a lot of money to spend at one time.


        1. As a responsible researcher, I spent some time finding a link to the model to show you and found that different countries sell different products – the model I ordered from CZ distribution isn’t listed either on the Canadian or the British version of the Lenovo website. So, here’s what I ordered,, and here’s a link to the model series on Lenovo Canada, You could tell that I’m a teacher, right 😉 Always giving too much information.


          1. Nice! If I, for some reason that would be beyond me now, would go back to Win, Lenovo would be the way to go for me too. Good stuff.


          2. 😀 Lenovo seems to be a popular brand here, even among those IT people who for reasons beyond me don’t use Macs – and since I’m happy with my Lenovo phone, I went for the same brand. I’m still pining for Mac though!


          3. I’ll be writing about my phone, Leni, when I run out of ideas for 365. I’ve come to appreciate it (her) a lot recently, for some reasons. Probably for reasons of her awesome battery.

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